Billionaire Mark Cuban says not many people like to pay in bitcoin because it’s an appreciable asset, unlike dogecoin

© Christopher Willard/ABC via Getty Images ‘Shark Tank’ star Mark Cuban. Christopher Willard/ABC via Getty Images Mark Cuban said people don’t use bitcoin as payment because they want it to … Read More

Early Stage Venture Capital Firm NFX Launches $450 Million Fund To Support Startups In Sectors Including Crypto, Fintech And Biotech

Morgan Beller, NFX general partner and co-creator of Facebook’s cryptocurrency Libra (Diem), will … [+] help lead the fund’s crypto investments. Christopher Michel Early-stage venture firm NFX, whose portfolio includes … Read More

RAKwireless Launches New Company to Bring Crypto Mining to More Individuals and Accelerate Growth of Helium’s Peer-to-Peer LoRaWAN Network

Since 2020 RAK has been a key partner with Helium in creating reliable and top-class hardware capable of seamless connectivity. The goal of this newest addition to the RAK product … Read More

China’s Cryptocurrency Ban Didn’t Halt Asia As Crypto Transaction In The Continent Grows By 706%

China has banned cryptocurrency activities in the country, but Asia’s powerhouse negative outlook hasn’t slowed down the rate of crypto adoption in the continent. Asia’s Cryptocurrency Transaction Surge By 706% … Read More