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The truth about who founded bitcoin

The truth about who founded bitcoin

The legend of Satoshi Nakamoto, the anonymous bitcoin founder, is a mystery built for the digital age. His true identity has become mythologized, and while no one knows who he is, he’s become a symbol of a new era of freedom in finance and technology. The heat is now on an Australian scientist, who has claimed for years to be the enigmatic founder. 

The hunt for Satoshi Nakamoto and the Craig Wright problem

The murky history of bitcoin began in 2008, in the “shadow of a global financial meltdown,” when someone under the name Satoshi Nakamoto released a white paper outlining the vision for “a new electronic money and peer-to-peer payment system that would obviate the need for troublesome intermediaries like banks,” Wired said. The enigmatic creator sent the first bitcoin transaction in 2009, and little more than two years later, they disappeared from the internet. “The hunt for Nakamoto began,” said Wired. 

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