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Celebrate Valentine’s Day With Sheboshis: SHIB Developer Hints at New NFT Collection

Celebrate Valentine’s Day With Sheboshis: SHIB Developer Hints at New NFT Collection

Shiba Inu (SHIB) developer Shytoshi Kusama announced a new female complement to the Shiboshis NFT collection set to launch around Valentine’s Day. The new collection, called ‘Sheboshis,’ has engendered community skepticism amid silence on the token’s utility.

The team behind the original Shiboshis pixel-art NFT collection confirmed the release of a complementary female-themed dog collection today.

SHIB Developer Teases Valentine’s NFT Launch

Though official details on the collection, such as the number of mints, benefits, and gas price, have been scant, community members have offered some details. Former SHIB: The Metaverse Creative Team Member, mrjcyka, said the new NFTs were nothing more than the original Shiboshis with female traits hastily appended. Lead developer Shytoshi Kusama suggested their launch would coincide with Valentine’s Day.

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“Single Shiboshi looking for new love…Is there any other Shiboshis looking forward to Valentine’s Day?” Kusama tweeted.

Reading between the lines, the new token may be used in the Shibarium Web3 ecosystem. In January, Kusama announced developments to move SHIB towards a decentralized Web3 ecosystem. Though the developer has yet to tweet further about Shibarium development, last week’s on-chain activity hinted at imminent developments.

Between Tuesday and Wednesday last week, the number of new Shibarium sign-ups increased from 33 to 207. Large whale transactions of $100,000 or more peaked at 56 last week.

SHIB Price Chart | Source: BeInCrypto

Amid the imminent rollout of Sheboshis, the Shiba Inu price is 8% higher the past week and 3.7% higher in the past 24 hours. The token is currently trading at $0.00000959.

Are SHIB Promises Too Good to be True?

One community member named Jim Stacker on X accused the Sheboshi rollout of being another cash grab. Unlike their male-themed predecessors, pieces in the Sheboshi NFT collection do not appear to have the properties of a utility token, making an investment in them questionable.

Their rollout also comes when sales of Shiboshis are at their lowest monthly ebb at $41,115, according to CryptoSlam.

shiboshi NFT volume
Shiboshi Sales for February | Source: CryptoSlam

“So the team will make another moneygrab NFT collection mint before giving any usecase or promised game for Shiboshis? How lovely, just to rob community off the funds,” Stacker wrote.

By contrast, the original Shiboshis collection gave holders access to Core SHIB developers and privileged information about NFT and game releases. In addition, users could vote on the development of the NFTs themselves. 

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Around 2,000 whitelisted holders were rewarded with 2,000 plots of land in the SHIB Metaverse contained within Shibarium. The Shiboshis were also integral characters in the Shiba Eternity game, launched in 2022.

BeInCrypto contacted Kusama for a comment, but the developer had not replied by press time.


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