Here is how to detect market rotation and pick the winning stocks [Video]

Market rotation from growth stocks to value stocks started in November 2021 while the market indices experience a selloff. Watch the video below to find out how to detect this marketrotation in order to pick thewinning stocks in the bear market.

The bullish setup vs. the bearish setup is 145 to 158 from the screenshot of my stock screener below.

wyckoff method stock screener

Although the short term direction is still up without threatening price action or spike of supply, the stock market is overbought and approaching the key resistance area where the short-sellers are active.

Instead of looking to identify the stockmarket bottom one should focus on participating the current outperforming stocks as those will be the true market leaders when the market enters into a bull run. So far selling into strength to lock in the profit for the existing positions works well this year.


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