Karnataka: Techie kills 2-year-old crying daughter as he had no money to feed her

Bengaluru, Nov 27: Rahul Parmar, a Gujarati man living in Bengaluru, and working as an engineer, decided to kill his own 2-year-old daughter as he had no money to feed her. The man had lost his job and also suffered a huge financial loss in the Bitcoin trade.

He had already mortgaged his wife’s ornaments to pay off his debt and lied to his spouse that he was robbed. Caught in a vicious cycle of debt, the man decided to kill his own daughter and take his own life as well.

The techie drove around the city with suicidal thoughts in his head with his daughter in the backseat. The baby got cranky as she had not eaten anything and started crying. Rahul grabbed some biscuits from a nearby shop to feed her and at that moment he decided to commit this crime. He feared the life ahead where he was being haunted by the money lenders and also faced possible police action.

The worry of pressure from lenders didn’t let him rest and he killed the little girl before attempting suicide.

According to the police, the man smothered his daughter’s face into his chest to kill her and then jumped into the lake to take his own life but he didn’t drown.

“She started crying and I didn’t have any money left with me. A worse situation awaited me if I returned home. I just hugged her tight and killed her. My helplessness to buy her food made me take the decision. I jumped into the lake with her to kill myself, but didn’t drown,” he told the police.

Rahul Parmar, 45, a debt-ridden engineer who escaped a suicide attempt, confessed everything to the police, sources said. 


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