How can blockchain technology overhaul online education?

Blockchain which is a digital ledger that records, stores and distributes data throughout the network in a decentralised manner are very often recognised as the foundational technology behind the working of cryptocurrencies. However, blockchain can also empower and transform the education sector majorly. It can especially be extremely instrumental in online learning. The article reveals the various ways in which this technology can overhaul the face of online education.
Let’s take a look at some of the core advantages of blockchain technology:

  • The information stored and recorded in the blockchain is immutable, which means it cannot be manipulated, altered, duplicated or even hacked
  • This makes blockchain a secure source of storing data across the entire network of computer systems on the blockchain

Now, how blockchain can transform online education:
Storage and tracking of data:

  • Blockchain technology can be utilised with the help of third-party suppliers educational training sector
  • It stores and saves sensitive information in batches called blocks which are chronologically linked with each other, forming a parallel line
  • This means the data stored on the blockchain cannot be changed after being saved once
  • However, one can change the stored block from X to Y
  • The technology is compatible with online education mode and supports safeguarding the data in this new model of education
  • Educational institutions need to decide upon the kind of data and the reason for storing particular data
  • Data security can be enhanced on blockchain by using permissioned blockchain and encrypted data

Helps in issuing credentials and digital certificates:

  • The blockchain companies provide a dedicated platform for paperless, one-click digital blockchain-based credential verification that integrates with various kinds of digital equipment and systems
  • These companies also provide a secure web-based dashboard for schools and colleges that develop, maintain, and issue blockchain-based credentials like transcripts, diplomas and mark sheets
  • The dashboard also helps in developing blockchain-based smart certificates and digital credentials
  • These digital badges and certificates are extremely secure and can be easily verified and displayed on digital platforms
  • A decentralised learning platform
  • Due to being a decentralised platform, the blockchain is maintained and regulated by the consensus of the majority of the users rather than a central authority
  • This helps in ensuring the standardisation of the various educational establishments
  • The decentralisation makes it possible to share a platform that is not owned or controlled by a single educator
  • This also makes the peer-to-peer learning experience possible

Cryptocurrencies can be used as rewards:

  • The application of blockchain technology will also help in issuing or receiving digital assets including cryptocurrencies easier for all the stakeholders
  • The students can be rewarded with digital currencies like bitcoin or other digital assets such as NFTs as a reward, which can motivate students to do well
  • The school authority can also create a platform for the payment of fees in cryptocurrencies and digital assets

Overall, the blockchain can prove to be a powerful tool for online education that will facilitate in turn the usage of more smart techniques and edtech tools. This can tremendously improve the quality of learning that the institutions can offer.

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