Best Crypto Presales For December 2022

There are many rumblings that cryptocurrency could be on the way out. If all you do is look at the overall returns of many crypto projects over the last 12 months, you might actually believe it, too. 

But, that is a far cry from reality. Crypto isn’t going anywhere, of course. Today’s environment just means you need to do your homework and find the best crypto presales  that can save your pocket. 

Below, we’ve listed five of the top projects that fit into this category, led by Dash 2 Trade (D2T), IMPT  and Calvaria (RIA) .

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Best Crypto Presales  

Before we dive into the full details, he’s a quick outline of the best crypto presales  that can save your pocket:

●    Dash 2 Trade — Insight and signals for crypto traders
●    IMPT — Impactful carbon offset program
●    Calvaria — Recruiting P2E gamers in a unique way
●    The Hideaways — Bringing luxury real estate investing to the blockchain
●    LunaOne — An all-in-one virtual world

1. Dash 2 Trade — Insights and Signals for Crypto Traders

Crypto traders can get amazing insights and signals from the new trading platform known as Dash 2 Trade (D2T). In a short amount of time, D2T is separating itself among the best crypto presales  that can save your pocket.

Uses can get buy and sell signals, as well as other data and insights on every crypto project available. They can even get social signals so they can follow what’s being talked about online. Users can learn from each other, then implement new ideas into their own strategies and back-test them before putting them into practice.

After all presale stages are over, LBank will be listing D2T on its well-known exchange, adding legitimacy to the project. D2T is already almost through its Presale Stage 3, so act now to get in on the best price.
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2. — Impactful Carbon Offset Program

IMPT is a new impactful carbon offset program, which is why it’s on the list of the best crypto presales  that can save your pocket. Individuals can buy, sell or retire carbon credits right from the platform, allowing them to directly reduce their carbon footprints. 
The platform is completely decentralized, meaning it’s fully transparent and prevents against fraud and double counting. IMPT has also partnered with thousands of the top retail brands throughout the world, all of which have committed to dedicating a portion of their sales on the IMPT platform to eco-friendly projects that IMPT has vetted.

IMPT is about halfway through its Presale Stage 2, with a price increase set for the next stage. 


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3. Calvaria — Recruiting P2E Gamers in a Unique Way

Calvaria (RIA) is also one of the best crypto presales  that can save your pocket, because it’s recruiting P2E gamers in a unique way. Instead of just providing a crypto battle card game to play, they’re also providing a free version of Calvaria: Duels of Eternity.
People who play the free version can get educated about how crypto gaming works, as well as how much they would’ve earned in the crypto version in real-time as they play for free. This is a great new way to not only recruit new players, but to keep them engaged and loving the game before they make the plunge to buy the NFT deck of cards.

The $RIA token has a lot of utility outside the ecosystem, too, which is why it’s so valuable. Investors are already buying in quite substantially, as RIA blew through three presale stages. In fact, it’s already 79% sold out of Presale Stage 4 tokens.


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4. The Hideaways — Bringing Luxury Real Estate Investing to the Blockchain

The Hideaways is one of the most exciting and best crypto presales  that can save your pocket. This is because it’s bringing luxury real estate investing to the blockchain. Using the decentralized nature of the blockchain, The Hideaways is allowing everyday traders to invest in the luxury real estate market, which in the past has been relegated only to those with a lot of money.

You can invest for a minimum of only $100, which gives you an NFT that represents partially ownership in the luxury property. It’s a great way to get a slice of the luxury real estate market so that you can realize great returns. Real estate is often a solid investment during inflationary and recession times, and The Hideaways is a good option for this.

5. LunaOne — An All-in-One Virtual World

There are many different metaverse projects popping up now, but LunaOne (XLN) is an exciting new one that could be among the best crypto presales  that can save your pocket. The new XLN project is an all-in-one virtual world that will look to incorporate education, business and gaming — which will widen its appeal to multiple demographics.

People will be able to hop onto the virtual world with VR headsets and be rewarded just for viewing certain content on the platform. It’ll also have file storage options that will be decentralized, as well as virtual events. 

These are all reasons why LunaOne should be on everyone’s radar.

The Best Crypto Presales  Are Led by D2T, IMPT and RIA

If you’re looking for the best crypto presales  that can save your pocket, you can’t go wrong with any of the five projects listed above. Each is bound to have amazing returns for investors at a time when many other cryptocurrencies are failing.

But, if you are really looking for the standout crypto projects, start with Dash 2 Trade, IMPT and Calvaria.


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