(Photo by Jason Miller/Getty Images)

Myles Garrett is getting tired of being drug tested.

Back in October, he was issued another mandatory drug test following the Browns’ 17-14 home victory against the Broncos, so he posted a screenshot of the text notification to Twitter with the caption: “Yeaaa they are trying to clone me.”

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His frustration of being tested so much has now led to a hilarious tweet where he suggests the league give out rewards after so many players put out negative drug tests.

“We need a punch card reward system on the drug tests… like every 10 negative tests y’all gotta give us a Bitcoin or pay for a vacation or something,” Garrett said.

Per the NFL and NFL Player Association’s 2020 Drug Testing Policy, a computer program randomly selects 10 players from each club’s active roster, practice squad list, and reserve list during the regular season.

Garrett might be joking, but it is actually a grand idea.

Garrett, a 2022 Pro Bowler, set a franchise record with 16 sacks in 2021. It wasn’t enough for the Browns to go to back-to-back playoff appearances.