While Bitcoin has made solid grounds, Ethereum also proved an excellent tool for investment. While Bitcoin has high usage as a payment and investment option, the blockchain network of Ethereum is widely used by significant companies for developing better programs.

Ethereum has become a more novel idea in the recent few years. Generally speaking, Ethereum’s value proposition is more democratic than Bitcoin’s. For example, Bitcoin requires the permission of a networking party to send money (or perform any action in the case of a 51% attack). Check the https://quantum-ai.trading/ to get a detailed guide to cryptocurrency trading and bitcoin trading. Ethereum takes this idea even further by being able to execute arbitrary code. But still, there are a few facts that need to be considered for determining which the better player of the game is.

There are a few facts that you can consider for yourself about both Bitcoin and Ethereum to get a better understanding of which is winning this war. A detailed comparison of these facts is provided here.

  1. Volatility

The first point to notice is the Volatility when comparing the two cryptocurrencies. The valuation of Bitcoin is an underlying asset that deprecates over time. But, Ethereum has no such underlying value, and thus its valuation would not depreciate over time. When Ethereum was launched, it was valued at $0.08/ether which was a big jump from its initial value of $0.60/ether. Volatility will always be an essential factor to consider for any cryptocurrency that you are interested in investing in for yourself.

  1. Market Cap and Acceptance

Bitcoin currently has a market cap of almost $48 billion, while Ethereum stands at about $30billion. Bitcoin is far ahead in the market cap, and it is a big difference between the two. Both Bitcoin and Ethereum have their places where they are accepted, but still, no doubt that Bitcoin’s acceptance as currency is far better than that of Ethereum. Bitcoin is accepted by more than 100,000 merchants as a payment method, while Ethereum hasn’t breached even half of it and has a meagre amount of merchants who accept it as a payment option.

  1. Security

One of the significant concerns expressed by many is the security risk that the Ethereum network faces. Recently there have been several hacks and thefts in various instances where millions of dollars worth of Ethers have been taken. With the traditional banking system, people are not so worried about their money as they are with cryptocurrencies. When you look at the network of both these platforms, Ethereum has a better advantage in providing better security than the Bitcoin network.

  1. Return Of Investment

Compare the potential of Bitcoin to that of Ethereum, and you will find them at one end. However, if we compare the return of investment on both, then it is seen that Ethereum delivers better ROI. Of course, its mining network requires a lot more time and money, which means it won’t start giving its ROI right away, but once it starts giving its ROI, then it will be way ahead of Bitcoin. But for now, the recent stats show that Bitcoin has the upper hand in providing better ROI for investors.

  1. Future Growth

Both cryptocurrencies have considerable potentials in their future as they are two powerful competitors in the cryptocurrency race. But if we consider their absolute growth, Bitcoin has won this battle by going a long way further than Ethereum. Of course, both Bitcoin and Ethereum have a blockchain of considerable size, but still, even with such a huge block, Bitcoin is ahead as it has made significant better changes in the recent few years.

The Final Verdict

But if we consider the future growth and their potential, it is seen that Ethereum has a great future ahead in front of it. These options are two strong competitors in this race of being the best crypto network. We all know that Bitcoin has made its place as Digital Gold, but still, Ethereum is an emerging cryptocurrency with a huge potential to grow. So, for now, these facts must be considered for deciding which the better cryptocurrency is.

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