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Walmart Inc. board member Tom Horton is joining the board of Blockchain.com, a platform for cryptocurrency transactions.

Horton, Walmart’s lead independent director, will hold the same position on Blockchain’s board, Blockchain co-founder and Chief Executive Officer Peter Smith said in a news release Monday. Horton also fills the same role on the board of General Electric.

A retired chairman and chief executive of American Airlines, Horton is a partner with investment fund management firm Global Infrastructure Partners, according to Walmart’s website.

Smith said Horton will serve as an “incredible” asset to the company.

Blockchain moved its U.S. headquarters last year from New York City to Miami.

Walmart filed two trademark applications on Dec. 30 pertaining to cryptocurrency and non-fungible tokens. These have fueled speculation that it plans to develop and use digital assets and products.

The retailer posted a job opening in August for a senior director to lead development of digital currency and cryptocurrency products.