Apollo Coin, a hyper deflationary token paying 9% BUSD rewards, is developing a cryptocurrency wallet capable of displaying earned reflections from BEP20 tokens.

Seattle, WA: Apollo Coin is set to become the next new cryptocurrency to explode in 2022. It seems like there is always a new “next big crypto” right around the corner, regardless of whether or not it is a bull or bear market. Many crypto holders have seen exponential growth, usually because they have bought into a project early and held it often. Catching new tokens at or near the ground floor is a tried and true way to find the best new cryptocurrency to buy in 2022. To that end, today the focus is on a relatively new up and coming crypto called “Apollo Coin”

Is Apollo Coin the Next Alt-Coin to the moon in 2022?

Apollo Coin shows many signs that it could be the next prominent new cryptocurrency to explode in 2022. Apollo Coin (APX) is a new hyper deflationary yield generation token that limits whales, burns tokens during transfers, and automatically grows the liquidity pool while yielding Binance pegged BUSD for holders. That means that every buy and sell transaction rewards a 9% reflection in Binance Pegged USD. The more APX you hold, the more significant your slice of the BUSD reward.

The team behind Apollo Coin prides itself on transparency. The core team members behind Apollo Coin are all personally located in Spokane, WA, USA, which makes communication, collaboration, and development fast and streamlined. Most other crypto projects have team members separated by oceans, while Apollo Coin is separated by desks. Being based in the same city allows the team to make decisions quickly, which is a must in the fast-paced crypto sphere.

The community is a big part of making a crypto project great, and Apollo Coin has already built a solid and active community. While the project is still early in development, the momentum of the community from the beginning has been exponential. If this is any indicator of the potential of this project, one might think that Apollo Coin is the most hyped cryptocurrency of 2022. 

What could be the reason for the price of APX to explode in 2022?

Apollo Coin is revolutionizing the way crypto works by continuously adding new practical uses and utility while simultaneously rewarding holders for the simple act of holding their token. The team has been hinting at having an ace up their sleeves, and it seems clear the developers have a bigger secret project and more related to the token that they partially revealed on January 19 during their AMA.

According to the team, the utility’s functionality will be groundbreaking and set up Apollo Coin to leave its mark on the crypto market. Once delivered, the utility could potentially put APX in the Top 100 altcoins and add massive volume. Furthermore, this volume could generate huge BUSD rewards redistributed at a rate of 9% of the volume!

It’s not a lot to go on, but if they manage to deliver some good surprises down the road, this alone could be what separates this project from the noise.

Secret projects aside, the team has made some specific public promises on upcoming features and utilities:

Apollo Coin Wallet: According to their official roadmap, beta testing of the Apollo Coin Wallet began on December 20, 2021, which was within a week of the token launching. The official website mentions the team building a complete ecosystem around the token, so it makes sense to start with a wallet first. The Apollo Coin Wallet can acquire, send, and hold APX and check BUSD rewards. The team is developing the Apollo Coin Wallet to work on the Binance Smart Chain and to support any BSC-based token such as BNB, BUSD, APX, and more. 

According to the APX team, the Apollo Coin Wallet will be the Ultimate Reflections Wallet. From the wallet, after completion of the beta period, you will be able to track your reflections earned from APX and all other BEP20 reflection tokens. This feature does not exist in any other wallet on the market! Normally, you need to visit multiple websites to see the amount of reflections you have earned. With the Apollo Coin Wallet, you will be able to do it all from one place, making it your one-stop resource for Binance Smart Chain tokens!

Apollo Coin Exchange: The Apollo Coin Exchange will be developed next as a major utility and will support the Binance Smart Chain and all Binance based tokens. Users will be able to use the Apollo Coin Exchange to swap BUSD, BNB and trade APX with almost all Binance-based tokens. In addition, the team has hinted that the DEX will include revolutionary “CEX-like” features and “gas-less token and NFT transfers” that will be made available down the road. Although the team has not yet given a timeline for when the Apollo Coin Exchange will launch, it is expected in late Q1 or early Q2.

Virtual Reality Crypto Payments: The Metaverse is coming, and it will have a significant impact on the world. Apollo Coin plans to take the Metaverse by storm by providing crypto payment processing solutions entirely inside a virtual reality headset. The world’s first software will allow consumers to make purchases in the Metaverse and potentially other virtual reality interfaces using accepted cryptocurrencies without ever removing their headset. Their application will be a highly-anticipated feature integrated into virtual reality.

Blockchain Game Development: According to their website, the dev team includes PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Wii U video game developers, and they intend to pursue blockchain development in the gaming space. Details are sparse at this point other than the team intends to make a blockchain game development platform that will include NFTs and an NFT marketplace for buying, selling, and trading blockchain-based video game NFTs. It appears the plan is to build off of their existing 3D game development experience and include some blockchain technology to make something for the Metaverse.

If you want to acquire a cryptocurrency worth holding, this could be a great choice. Apollo Coin is a hot new crypto and has a strong team. The best thing about Apollo Coin is the advanced liquidity generation protocol that constantly builds liquidity, creating a stable liquidity pool. Finally, the fact that Apollo Coin’s reflections are pegged to BUSD means that if you buy APX today, you will be rewarded with a 9% reflection in BUSD for holding APX. What’s not to love about that?

The hyper-deflationary nature of this token started when the developers burned 50% of the token supply. In addition to that, 2% of every transaction gets burned, which results in a continuously diminishing supply. Of course, there is no danger of ever running out of APX or burning it all since the amount destroyed is always 2% relative to the current circulating supply.

Who knows where Apollo Coin will be priced and valued a year from now, but it’s safe to say Apollo Coin is going to the moon! With tokenomics that are genuinely unique and a project built upon a solid foundation, there is no doubt that Apollo Coin will be a top altcoin in 2022.

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