Christopher Natsuume explains blockchain gaming and why it’s a terrible idea.

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There’s been a few new moves lately for making money. First, we saw a rise in interest in stocks, crypto, and, more recently, NFTs. If NFTs seem confusing we can try to break it down into a simple term. Essentially, this is a piece of code that you would own. Now, some of the video game industry is looking at enabling NFTs into their games. But, according to Christopher Natsuume, this is a terrible and immoral idea.

As mentioned, NFTs might be a new term for you, and it’s one that you can easily spend countless hours researching. However, when Christopher Natsuume started to see the NFT trend hit the game industry, he decided to get vocal online. Christopher is a game developer with decades of experience if the name doesn’t ring a bell. After starting to make games back in the early 1990s, you’ve likely come across something he’s helped develop.

After spending years building new thrilling worlds and gaming experiences, Christopher finds the NFT push into games as troublesome for developers. It’s a great video to watch as the developer breaks down several aspects of why they feel this is a poor move to implement in video games. An example used is an NFT in-game item being purchased and then transferred over to another game. Essentially, you would then have to deal with the headaches of getting this item adapted to whatever game you’re moving to play next.

It could mean a slew of bugs or entirely not fitting the gameplay genre. But Christopher also makes a great point to how this would ruin video game experiences. For instance, let’s say a player has all these NFT items, and they bring these items to another game. Suddenly, players are dealing with an extremely buffed user and creating a problem for the community along with the development team. Again, the video is well worth the watch, and you can check out the upload through the video embedded above.