Stream time: Teochew puppet opera, story of Melaka’s French missionaries


Date and Time: Jan 15 and 16, 8.30pm

Come along for a ride with our young hero on a swashbuckling adventure on the high seas and faraway lands. He yearns to set sail in search of treasure, so he puts on his pirate hat, escapes from the confines of his room – not too difficult a feat as his parents are very busy people – and steps into the wild and wonderful world of Fantasea.

An original production by Little Door Festival, Drawn Together is a multidisciplinary performance intended for families with children to experience together. At the end of the performance, viewers will be invited to “go behind the scenes” with the creative team and dive deeper into the wonder and the art of Drawn Together.

This is a ticketed event that will be streamed on CloudTheatre.

The Bendahari virtual talk series tonight at 8pm. The Bendahari virtual talk series tonight at 8pm.


Date and time: Jan 15, 8pm

In this The Bendahari talk series (on Facebook Live) from Melaka, viewers can find out more about the role of five legendary French missionaries in the historic state. The first built St Francis Xavier Church, and gave to France the tools to learn the Malay language. One founded Ayer Salak, and another the Portuguese Settlement. The fourth one built the first St Francis Institution school. The last one was a brilliant master of all trades.

This conversation, featuring Melaka-based French author/historian Serge Jardin and history enthusiast Colin Goh, will present the stories of these five French missionaries – Fathers Favre, Francois, Cardon, Borie and Nain – who contributed to make Melaka what it is today. It is also the launch of Jardin’s latest book Diary Of A French Missionary. Penang During The Japanese Occupation.

More info here.


Date and time: Jan 15, 8.30pm

The “Malam Pusaka Di Ruang Kota” cultural arts series is set for an early Chinese New Year reunion with the Teochew Puppet and Opera House.

It will be hosting a special live performance by this traditional arts troupe from George Town in Penang. Cultural organisation Pusaka has been working with the Teochew Puppet and Opera House for nearly 10 years now.

Princess Baihua Bestows Her Sword, an iron-rod Teochew puppet opera show, will be brought to life at the Black Box, Publika in Kuala Lumpur. For those who cannot attend, the performance will also be streamed live on Pusaka’s Facebook page.

This Chinese puppet drama will be performed by master puppeteer Ling Goh (aka Goh Hooi Ling), who has more than 30 years of experience in the traditional Chinese heritage arts, specialising in opera and puppetry.

Malam Pusaka Di Ruang Kota is a series of cultural evenings featuring performances by masters of living traditions from throughout Malaysia.

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Date and time: Jan 19, 8pm

Here’s a handy first-person ‘How To’ guide for producing NFTs. Presented by I-Van Yee a practicing NFT artist, this talk is aimed at beginners who wish to start creating their own NFTs, but are unsure of how to begin.

In addition to essential introductions to understanding the Blockchain system, Cryptocurrency and how NFTs are becoming the emerging market for artists, collectors and investors, audiences will also receive practical approaches and first-hand tips on the actual process of setting themselves up in the metaverse.

I-Van Yee, who has had a career spanning an artist, writer, animator, educator and game developer, recently launched his first game product, HR The Toxic Workplace Game and started a new Youtube Horror series ‘Fright Noodles’ besides exploring the world of crypto, NFTs and the Metaverse.

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Date and time: Jan 20 and 23 (8pm), Jan 22 and 23 (3pm)

This one is for the experimental theatre fan. Have you ever considered whether it is worthwhile to live in this world? With all of life’s challenges and difficulties, living can become an unpleasant state of being.

The 50-minute (pre-recorded) performance, filmed outdoors at the lawn of the Kuala Lumpur Performing Arts Centre (KLPac), was screened at the Indicine, KLPac on Jan 15 and 16. If you missed that, fret not. This ticketed show will also be streamed via CloudTheatre from Jan 20-23.

The story channels the power of rituals for its primal energy, with a cast of dirt-covered performers, monstrous creatures, and a commune around a camp fire. Dead Water, presented by Hermana Collective, is a collaborative effort involving dancers, theatre artists, musicians, and videographers.

It features Chloe Tan, stage actor/director Tung Jit Yang and Ching while Rezza Coebar Abel and Ian Francis Khoo (of experimental arts/music outfit Francoe) provide the ambient soundscapes.

More info here.


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