List of crypto assets that Mark Cuban, a billionaire worth $6 billion is buying

Mark Cuban, a highly revered billionaire, has revealed his cryptocurrency portfolio, which includes a number of NFTs and crypto-assets built on Ethereum.

The exchange-traded token Olympus DAO (gOHM), the authentication token of the Olympus DAO (olympus) and the music streaming blockchain Audius (AUDIO) are Cuban’s top altcoin holdings, according to ETH search engine, EtherScan.

The 63-year-old American billionaire is presently worth $5.95 billion. Cuban is a co-founder of before it was sold to Yahoo! in 1999 for $4.8 billion. Besides owning the Dallas Mavericks, the billionaire also owns movie theatres, television channels, and technology startups. He appears on the reality show “Shark Tank,” which focuses on the investment world.

A portion of the business magnate’s crypto wallet has been made public, and his collection of NFTs is displayed on the social crypto collectible platform, Lazy.

A number of NFTs held by the billionaire include those based upon Ethereum’s arch competitors, Solana and Polygon, as well as Ether itself.

A recent interview with comedian Jon Stewart revealed that Cuban has invested 80% of his recent investments outside of Shark Tank into crypto assets because he believes younger generations will adopt crypto assets in the future.

“I make most of my investments outside of Shark Tank in crypto-assets instead of traditional businesses. About 80% of my investments outside of Shark Tank are in crypto assets,” Cuban said.

When Stewart asks Cuban what he thinks about speculative investing for decentralized cryptos, Cuban responds that he sees them having legitimate uses in business going forward.

“Forget all the bitcoin and dogecoin speculation you read about. Let’s set that aside, that’s just the way things work with stocks and everything else.

“Essentially, a decentralized autonomous organization (DAO) does not have a central organizational structure. There are no centralized systems to rely on. The trustless element means there isn’t a board of directors or a CEO making decisions…

“Every token holder in that application has a chance to set the direction of the network, not always equally, but typically equally. This is where I am interested in investing,” Cuban said.


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