Bitcoin 2.0 – A Revolutionary and Cutting Edge Digital Asset


Real-asset-backed payments are the way of the future. Cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin 2.0, which are based on the same blockchain technology platform as Bitcoin but have a much faster and more efficient method of making payments, are becoming more and more popular. Our merchants will pay far fewer fees as a result of this than they would with Bitcoin. This suggests that Bitcoin 2.0 is a more stable currency than Bitcoin, which has a high degree of volatility, making it a more ideal payment system that is likely to be employed in the long run. Future Bitcoin2.0 users could apply for one of our debit cards, which will allow them to easily change between crypto and fiat currencies. a digital currency that is accessible to the general public on a daily basis.

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What Exactly Is Bitcoin 2.0?

Bitcoin 2.0 as a revolutionary and cutting edge digital asset is an all-encompassing Blockchain-based cryptocurrency project which was anchored by the Ethereum Blockchain network. As a second to none blockchain-based integrated project, The project team has integrated into its plan to make Bitcoin 2.0 a better payment system than Bitcoin. 

Bitcoin 2.0 is supported by the real value in advertising credits in independent media news sites and news networks. I am, thrilled that the core team pegged its value with news information since information is a priced intangible commodity. Bitcoin 2.0 can be translated to be used for advertising space for any business or individual at any time. The core team has revolved the project around advertising, meaning that the asset can be sold to anyone needing an advertising space. This advertising feature gives Bitcoin an additional intrinsic value above Bitcoin.

Bitcoin 2.0 is a faster and updated payment system. The core team will have also built an independent substitute and conservative news site. One which exposes the truth about the criminal clique that utilizes mainstream media to deceive and mislead the public. The core team would support the growth of the proposed independent media to break down the disadvantage mainstream media has possessed over the world.

Bitcoin2.0 is more steady cash dissimilar to Bitcoin, which experiences high unpredictability, and makes it a more reasonable installment framework liable to be utilized as long as possible. Likewise later on Bitcoin2.0 clients can apply for one on the off chance that our marked charge cards to make changing over among crypto and fiat consistent and convenient for making regular buys. Advanced money that ordinary individuals can utilize regularly.

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Features of BTC 2.0

  • Completely Private – Blockchain technology makes use of asymmetric cryptography for securing transactions among users. In such networks, each user acquires a private and public key. These keys are created with random strings of numbers that are cryptographically linked.
  • Highest Security – Blockchain security technology includes Private and public keys, Hashing,  Peer-to-peer networks, Zero-knowledge proofs
  • Transactions Per Second (TPS) – Faster than its predecessor ‘Bitcoin’. The average transaction speed refers to the median transaction confirmation time.
  • Avg Transaction Confirmation Time – x10 faster than its predecessor ‘Bitcoin’. Transaction confirmation time is how long it takes for a transaction to be confirmed by the network.

BITCOIN 2.0’s Advantages

  • The difference in the system would be that Ethereum’s data processing is much faster than Bitcoin, as Ethereum’s system automatically applies the terms and conditions of a contract once it has been agreed upon.
  • Ethereum is that it is not just a digital currency. It is a blockchain-based platform with many aspects. It features smart contracts, the Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM) and it uses its currency called ether for peer-to-peer contracts.
  • Bitcoin’s average block time is about 10 minutes, while Ethereum’s aims to be 12 seconds. A faster block time means that confirmations are quicker.

Achivements of BITCOIN 2.0

  • Coinsbit and Bitxchange are now accepting Bitcoin 2.0 as a payment method. As it gets ready to list on larger exchanges next year, trade volume is projected to climb, and there are reports that it’s in talks regarding a significant merger. Early investors were able to unload considerable sums of their shares, and now that the sell-off is largely finished, the price is projected to rise.
  • One World Coin, commonly known as the Resistance Coin, has partnered with Bitcoin 2.0 to allow holders of each cryptocurrency to transfer or convert their holdings to another.
  • Qoin, a cryptocurrency founded in Australia with over 38,000 merchants, was recently announced as an option for Bitcoin 2.0 holders who wanted to convert their coins.
  • OWC is a new global currency established to support the fight against the criminal Cabal and Globalists and their deadly Great Reset Totalitarian Agendas, as well as to reclaim our country and the planet from the perilous Globalists.

Bitcoin2.0 Token

XBTC2 is the native utility token of the platform on which the platform depended on, this token practically controls most of the transactions of the platform.

Bitcoin 2.0 Tokenomics & Token Analysis

Token Name: Bitcoin 2.0

Total Supply: 200,000,000

Platform Network: Ethereum

Category: Payments

Initial Coin Offering: $0.20 Per Coin

Total Initial Coin Offering: $40,000,000

XBTC2 Exchange Listing

XBTC2 project team has a stalled plan to extend the project listing on top tier exchanges like Bitmart & Kucoin.

Bitcoin 2.0’s Team

Bitcoin 2.0 Team comprises a team of blockchain experts whose objective is to re-define & bring a modernized and outstanding value and features of Bitcoin and its blockchain project. First of all, sustainable development of the Bitcoin2.0 Platform is the teams’ priority, these experts have a well-developed knowledge of both Centralized & Decentralized exchange tracking and blockchain and indeed a very rich knowledge in this field of expertise, and the core team stemmed from an exceptional multinational & traditional financial securities industry, Inclusively, these teams have a rich experience in traditional blockchain-based transactions, top-level crypto asset trading platform research and development, and global market operations.

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