The Metapreneurs, a community of business-savvy entrepreneurs working in the metaverse space, has announced the launch of their latest NFT project, the Metapreneur Metaverse, which aims to disrupt the NFT ecosystem.

The Metapreneur Metaverse will launch with a limited collection of 11,111 one-of-a-kind NFTs, all of which will be custom-made from from 180+ hand-drawn traits. These non-generative digital collectibles, also dubbed Metapreneurs, will grant owners access to the entrepreneurial community where they can network with other metaverse-forward business people.

Once a part of the community, users will also have access to exclusive courses from elite entrepreneurs in fields such as crypto, real estate, and e-commerce. In addition, the collective plans to host its first “mastermind” event in Bali in 2022. However, the event will only be accessible to those who own a Metaprenaur NFT.

Image Credit: Metapreneur