COP26: The last chance? ‘World leaders must step up to the plate’, ex-UK climate change state minister says (E1070)

On this episode, we speak to Lord Barker, the former UK state minister for energy and climate change. He discusses the scale of the challenge ahead in tackling the climate crisis as the UK hosts COP26, the role of the private sector in fighting climate change, the UK’s strides in reducing carbon emissions, Russia’s rapid turn towards a green economy, criticisms on China’s record, and more. Finally, we speak to Raoul Pal, founder and CEO of Global Macro Investor. He discusses his advice for new investors seeking to enter the cryptocurrency world and gives his forecast for Bitcoin and other crypto prices, how cryptocurrency is the fastest-adopted technology in history, the coming war to regulate cryptocurrency in the US, the first Bitcoin ETF and what it means for the crypto world, and much more!


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