THIS is the moment The Argus was told how a Ukrainian gang will ship date rape drugs into the UK undetected.

In a shocking video, a drug dealer reveals how criminals use a “secure agency” to transport Rohypnol into the country.

We recorded our exchange with the man, who identified himself as “Harry” and boasted that the Class C drug is “very good for sex”.

During the footage, he can be seen holding a stash of drugs including Oxycontin, which has been linked to thousands of deaths in the US.

He demanded payment in the untraceable cryptocurrency Bitcoin and refused to show his face during the call, which was made via WhatsApp.

During the video, he can be heard saying: “We have Rohypnol, diazapam and Oxycontin – we have a lot, what do you want?

“You don’t need a prescription.

“If you make the payment today, tomorrow we ship to the UK means you will receive it in two says.

“It is coming from Ukraine. We use the most secure agency, the most secure.

“We are professionals. Half of our clients are from the UK.

“It is very powerful. If you want to enjoy yourself and have sex, it is very good.”

It only took a quick internet search for The Argus to find a website openly selling the date rape drug, which is infamous for being used in drink spiking.

After sending an online message, posing as an interested buyer, we were immediately directed to encrypted messaging service Whatsapp to arrange delivery.

The man we spoke to, who claimed to be based in the UK, offered to supply Rohypnol for $330 – urging our reporter to place an order immediately so as not to lose out to high demand.

Our investigation comes as Sussex Police investigate six reports of women being injected while on nights out in Brighton, amid nationwide concerns over spiking.

Sussex Police detectives say two women reported feeling unwell after going out in the seaside city on October 19.

Four more women reported being injected while out in the city centre over the following days, the force said.

Meanwhile, a woman in Eastbourne also reported being injected while on a night out in the East Sussex town on October 23.

A spokesperson for Sussex Police said night-time patrols are being increased and each incident is being “thoroughly investigated”.