The behavior of the largest altcoin by capitalization surprised traders.

On October 21, Ethereum renewed its all-time high, reaching the level of $ 4.361 thousand. Curiously, almost exactly six years ago, on October 20, 2015, this digital asset was at an absolute minimum and cost only 43.2979 American cents.

Amsterdam Stock Exchange trader Michael van de Poppe called the current dynamics of Ethereum “amazing”. The current rise in the price of Ethereum coincided with a decrease to a two-year minimum in the volume of reserves of these altcoins on crypto exchanges.

Investor Raul Pal believes that with a 70% probability, Ethereum can reach the level of $ 20 thousand, while Bitcoin may be at the level of $ 200 thousand. At the same time, he stressed that this is his personal opinion. That there is a high market between Ethereum and Bitcoin correlation, showed the dynamics of the market at the end of October 21, when Ethereum declined along with Bitcoin.

As a result, at the beginning of October 22, Ethereum was at the level of 4.081, thousand dollars, while bitcoin fell in price by 4.5 thousand dollars in two days, to 62.7 thousand dollars. Over the course of the day, the capitalization of the digital asset market decreased from $ 2.669 to $ 2.561 trillion, remaining at a high level: in early October it was at the level of $ 1.914 trillion.