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Mariah Carey is empowering and educating a new generation of investors in tandem with BlackGirlsCode and Gemini cryptocurrency exchange.

The chart-topping songstress was aglow as she announced her new collaboration via Instagram on Tuesday.

There, Mariah explained how fans can follow her on her journey to learn about Bitcoin and even invest themselves with Gemini.


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The Elusive Chanteuse wore a chic black top as she talked about her new investing interest from the comfort of her dressing room.

She credited Cryptopedia, an open source educational resource created by Gemini, with helping her learn more about the ins and outs of crypto.

Then, the Honey singer offered fans a little help by giving out $20 of free Bitcoin to new investors on Gemini, the exchange founded by Tyler and Cameron Winklevoss.

Making the offer twice as nice, a portion of each trade is promised to the nonprofit BlackGirlsCode with the code ‘mariah.’

BlackGirlsCode is encouraging a new generation of people to work in STEM by helping young women of color access to technology and classes on computer programming.

And cryptocurrency is fast becoming a favorite of keen female investors. 

In Gemini’s 2021 State of U.S. Crypto Report, it was found that the number of crypto investors was set to double this past year and women make up 53% of the ‘crypto-curious’ who reported interest in investing in the asset class.

Entrepreneurial powerhouses like Carey are helping to bring awareness and inspire other women to get involved themselves. 


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Tyler Winklevoss, CEO of Gemini, said of the partnership: ‘It’s great to see Mariah and other celebrities discover bitcoin as an investment and hedge against inflation.

‘Cryptos like bitcoin and ether were two of the best performing assets of the last decade. Our goal at Gemini is to help educate you on the promise of crypto and make it simple, easy, and safe for you to engage in this new asset class.’

In addition to bitcoin, NFTs are the latest crypto craze. 

They allow artists and celebrities to create digital art and collectibles on the blockchain. 

Shawn Mendes, Grimes, and Paris Hilton are just a few celebrities who’ve jumped aboard the crypto train to release exclusive NFTs — turning the Internet into a futuristic, fine-art auction house. 

Gemini acquired Nifty Gateway, a leading platform for non-fungible tokens (NFTs, also known as ‘nifties’) that power the emerging economy of digital collectibles and virtual goods. 

Unlike cryptocurrencies such as bitcoin, nifties are cryptographic tokens that represent a unique asset or good on the blockchain, are one of a kind, and are not interchangeable.

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