A collaboration between Element.Black and OKex, namely the Brightburn Mystery Boxes, have successfully sold out 10088 units within the first hour of release. With each unit costing approximately 20 USDT, this is only the first of several rounds of units released for the public to reassemble posters from the movie Brightburn on Element.Black’s gaming platform Pixel Infinity.

About Element.Black

Element.Black envisions a gaming platform that combines blockchain technology and the public’s recent craze, non-fungible tokens (NFT). Element.Black is currently working with various IP holders to offer alternative blockchain-based games that focus on NFT collectables and artwork. The Brightburn Mystery Boxes is a first step towards the amalgamation of art, gaming and NFTs. 

The Brightburn Mystery Box, as a collaboration with OKex and the IP designer of the movie Brightburn, James Gunn, features a total of 43,620 Brightburn poster NFTs divided into mystery units, each costing 20 USDT. The recent first round, released on the 19th of October, included 10,088 mystery box units, allowing users to reassemble the posters on Pixel Infinity. The first to reassemble the NFTs into the posters will be rewarded with mysterious gifts and ELT tokens. 

James Gunn is well known for works such as the Guardians of the Galaxy and Suicide Squad. He produced the movie Brightburn in 2019.

About OKex

OKex is the most well-known blockchain-based platform for trading Bitcoin, Ethereum, USDT, XRP and other cryptocurrencies. Anyone can trade or invest in cryptocurrency through the innovations of OKex, ridding the barriers to financial access in the process. The Brightburn NFTs are sold on OKex’s NFT platform.

Unforeseen Results

Within the first hour of the launch, all 10,088 mystery boxes have been sold out. Element.Black and OKex will soon be releasing the second round of mystery boxes on OKex’s NFT platform. This is an excellent opportunity for the public to enjoy the combination of art, NFT and gaming and receive an abundance of rewards.

To know more about the Brightburn Mystery Boxes, or about Element.Black and OKex, visit their official social media channels listed below.

About Element.Black

Element Black is an NFT game development and infrastructure company that is focused on growing their game platform/ game center as well as the NFT marketplace and game development.

Element Black offers various entertainment services such as games, movies, music, art and audio. Also, the ecosystem is known for its Element Marketplace, Digital Wallet & Decentralized application, Game Center, Public Chain and Staking & Protocol.

Website: http://www.element.black/

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Twitter: https://twitter.com/ELTblack

Youtube: https://m.youtube.com/channel/UCxhYiYczJcBhwsTL9pWtA-A

About OKEx

OKEx provides a safe, reliable, and stable environment for crypto trading via web and mobile apps. They adopt global server load balancing, distributed clusters, other technologies for your protection. Their products and services are always tailored to your needs and suggestions.

Website: https://www.okex.com/

Twitter: https://twitter.com/OKEx