In a span of just more than a decade, cryptocurrencies have stirred up a financial storm. They are increasingly finding wider acceptance as they continue to be used in low-cost money transfers and as an unregulated alternative store of wealth.

Cryptocurrencies can be considered a ‘democratizing force’ since they take away the power of money creation and control from the Central banks and financial markets. However, its most significant disadvantage is that it is unregulated and prone to misuse by criminal groups or terrorist organizations. The high consumption of electricity during the process of Cryptocurrency mining is often listed among its major drawbacks.

Financial regulators across the world are starting to realize the importance of regularizing cryptocurrencies. Several banks, as well as the US Federal Reserve, are introducing their own digital currencies.

PNP is the world’s first regulated, decentralized cryptocurrency. It was launched by the Hong Kong based Helios Group. The new and exciting features of PNP coins are capturing a lot of attention since many believe that it has the potential to revolutionize the cryptocurrency market. PNP coins are completely regulated. Hence, all illegal transactional activities are obstructed. They are equipped with security features like a mandatory KYC process, making them transparent and completely secure.

To procure PNP tokens, users must first fulfill their minimal KYC criteria and provide their nominee information. PNP coin transactions are faster as compared to other cryptocurrencies and are done with zero transaction charges. Using this mode of transaction, money can be sent from one part of the world to another in just a few minutes. These transactions are anonymous, and since no names are involved, the user’s private key is the only link or proof of the transaction. This regulated crypto has no fuel charges, and there is no age limit for carrying a PNP coin. Since PNP coins are not present physically in the form of notes or coins, unlike traditional currencies, there is zero chance of theft.

All of the above advantages make PNP coins hugely attractive—some investors call it “Digital Gold”. Soon, PNP coins are expected to be listed on most major international markets. As the world’s first regulated crypto, the next big goal for PNP coins is to achieve 1% of all bitcoin growth.

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For most new users, the biggest risk of cryptocurrencies results from the fact that they are unregulated, hence extremely volatile and unstable. Unexpected market changes could cause the value of cryptocurrencies to drop by hundreds, sometimes thousands of dollars, in a short span of time. The other risk was that cryptocurrencies were susceptible to error and hacking.

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The reliable security features of PNP coins should enable investors to lock in long-term gains and safeguard against the adverse decline in value from volatility, currency devaluation or inflation. This is the right time to kick start your crypto investing with PNP Coins.