Residents of El Salvador, who legalized bitcoin, were able to pay with crypto at Starbucks coffee shops and McDonald’s fast food restaurants. This became possible after the conclusion of agreements with the local payment system Chivo, on whose eponymous wallets every resident of the Central American state received a crypt worth $ 30.


El Salvadorian traders approve of the new form of settlement, as this format allows them to generate additional profits on exchange rate fluctuations. The owner of one of the kiosks, named Enrique, explained to reporters that he transfers all the received crypt into dollars and vice versa, depending on the current market conditions at the time of transactions. Top officials of the country manage to carry out similar operations.

The flip side of the coin is periodic system failures due to the poor development of high-speed Internet in the country.

A number of residents of El Salvador consider the legalization of bitcoins to be a “uniform gamble” of the government. However, none of the skeptics refused to receive a $ 30 free crypt.

Currently, there are 199 bitcoins officially operating in El Salvador (as the locals call an ATM for accepting / exchanging bitcoins). Until recently, there were 200 such devices, but one recently burned down either due to accident, or due to deliberate arson.

Recall that bitcoin can get legal status in Spain in the next 1.5-2 weeks. Participants in the Venezuelan civil transportation market began to accept payments in crypto, but President Zelensky vetoed the draft laws on the legalization of digital currencies in Ukraine.

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