After game publisher Steam recently banned apps and blockchain games along with NFTs from its platform, publisher Epic Games has revealed that it is open to cryptocurrency or blockchain games on the Epic Games Store, according to a report.

Epic Games recently revealed to The Verge that the publishing platform would be subject to limitations, such as being unable to use Epic’s payment service to accept crypto, and implement their own mechanisms instead. They will also have to be legally compliant with financial laws, inform users how the blockchain would be used. They will also have to provide age ratings based on the kind of content in each title, according to the report.

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While the announcement by the company appears to be a U-turn, especially after CEO Tim Sweeney’s previous revelation that the company was not interested in touching NFTs. At the time, Sweeney had said Epic was not interested in NFTs because “the whole field is currently tangled up with an intractable mix of scams, interesting decentralized tech foundations, and scams.” It looks like the company was only referring to the games created by Epic like Fortnite, Battle Breakers and Robo Recall.

The decision is the latest move in the competition between Steam and Epic, which has grown over the past couple of years. Epic has been growing in popularity thanks to its weekly free titles that offer several paid games for free that can be added to a user’s library and accessed for free at a later stage.

Epic does have a self-publishing platform that is currently in closed beta and the company is very careful about who is allowed to join, which means that the latest announcement doesn’t mean that gamers will see NFTs and blockchain games on the Epic Games Store in the near future. However, it is certainly a good sign that companies are looking to what is considered one of the upcoming avenues of monetising content and games in the future.