Bless our hearts, we are going through so much these days. We have to hold on because better days are coming. Remember, sometimes good things fall apart so everything can fall together.

BYH. People complaining about a server farm being built near a school are the ultimate NIMBYs. What harm could a rack of computers do? Do you worry that AI will take over? Not in our lifetimes!

BYH to Greenville Utilities recruiting a bitcoin mining facility to use massive amounts of electricity at a facility they plan to build next to an elementary school and people’s homes. The constant noise generated my these miners is a problem anyone can Google and learn about. Did anyone read the county noise ordinances? The county commissioners need to stop this in its tracks.

Lt. Gov. Robinson is learning the stern realities of life. Poor fellow. Please understand that modern day liberal theology does not allow differing opinions on the matter of homosexuality. You either agree with their doctrine or you are on the way out. Goodbye, Lt. Gov. Robinson, you should have bowed your head and said, “Yes, you are right as always.” Let this be a lesson to you. “Keep in step, hut, hut, hut.”

Absolutely no BYH to Lt. Gov. Robinson. What a joke! An embarrassment to our state! He needs to step down immediately. Incredible that he still is in office. Forget politics. It’s incredible he has a job anywhere.

What can I say about Mark Robinson that hasn’t already been said about Private Joker? He’s silly and he’s ignorant but he’s got guts and guts is enough.

Senior citizens don’t get any respect. William Shatner, at 90 years-old, makes a successful space flight and it’s reported on page A6.

Make gas $25 per gallon? That is the dumbest BYH I’ve read. Do you really think stores are going to have groceries delivered at $25 a gallon? Do you have any idea how much a truckload of groceries will cost? If this wasn’t satire, you are an idiot. If it is you are a genius. BYH.

BYH to all the haters slamming Mark Robinson. Most parents don’t want that filth in our schools. It boggles the mind how the liberals and progressives get in an uproar because someone is strong enough to speak truth. You may be OK with your children being exposed to that filth but the rest are not. Prepare for major resistance; not everyone is a sheep.

A huge summit to discuss the myth of climate change by local leaders paid for by our tax dollars? Please. Just look out the window whenever it rains and you can see which streets flood every single time. Start there and have fewer meetings, BYHs.