Art auction house Sotheby’s has announced the launch of ‘Sotheby’s Metaverse,’ a new NFT platform that will be curated by Sotheby’s team of art experts.

The future-forward art trading platform will allow shoppers to buy exclusive NFTs using Ethereum, Bitcoin, USDC, and fiat currencies. In addition, the company plans to introduce dynamic online auctions and features that allow users to mint generative artworks. The first exclusive offering on the platform comes from Natively Digital, which will launch a collection of 53 NFTs from 19 different collectors, including Paris Hilton, j1mmy.eth, and Pranksy.

“We are in a unique position at Sotheby’s to apply our expertise and curation to the burgeoning world of art for the digitally native generation,” said Sotheby’s Sebastian Fahey, Sotheby’s Managing Director of Europe, Middle East, and Africa. But, really, the launch of the new NFT platform shouldn’t come as a major surprise considering the company’s successful forays into the space earlier this year.