AUD/NZD is making a correction from the lower high and the resistance

Australian Dollar: Weaker Unemployment data

Australian Jobs data shows loss of 138000 jobs versus -110K expected, and Unemployment rose to 4.6% from 4.5%.

And Sydney announced easing lockdown restrictions after 80% of people were vaccinated, NewSouth Wales completed 80% of Above 16 Vaccinated.

Energy prices soaring makes the Australian Dollar pushed for Higher highs.

And US CPI data came at higher than expected and becomes a backlog for US Dollar.

Whether US FED Do tapering or not in November inflation gauge came at higher numbers.

When Consuming costs becomes higher, Spending will decline if the price of borrowing products is more elevated.

New Zealand Dollar: RBNZ Deputy Governor speech

Reserve Bank of New Zealand Deputy Governor Bascand said that Housing prices and Covid-19 make more risks for New Zealand Economy.

We must ensure the regulatory of financial institutions and remain cautious as Covid-19 poses a higher risk.

New Zealand Housing market remains at a higher cautious level, and Institutions should avoid to overexposed to Housing and Business sector.

NZD/USD Ticked higher after US CPI data came at higher than expected.