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Cardano (ADA) is currently behind Bitcoin and Ethereum (ETH), ranking third in the top cryptocurrencies. Bitcoin has a market cap of over $ 927 billion, while Ethereum has around $ 399 billion. Cardano has a market cap of $ 70 billion. While this is far from defeating the king of cryptocurrencies (BTC), the steady and quiet growth of ADA could pose a threat to Ethereum’s position, some experts believe.

Investing has listed Benefits of Cardano… They will likely allow the cryptocurrency to bypass Ethereum and become second only to Bitcoin.

  • Experts describe Ethereum as an environmentally friendly cryptocurrency. It is the third of the top six green cryptocurrencies, and Ethereum and Bitcoin are not on this list. Together, Ethereum and Bitcoin use 180 terawatt hours per year. Ethereum alone uses 20 to 25 terawatt hours per year. Cardano only consumes 6 gigawatt hours per year. The portal notes that 1000 gigawatts equals 1 terawatt. In other words, Ethereum uses a lot more power than Cardano. It’s only natural that people will want to use a cryptocurrency like Cardano, which requires less energy.
  • Despite its low power consumption, Cardano processes many more transactions than Bitcoin and Ethereum combined. Bitcoin processes 5 transactions per second, while Ethereum processes 15 transactions per second. Cardano has 257 transactions per second.

On the other side, experts say:

  • While Cardano is currently the third largest cryptocurrency, it has actually seen a slow decline in value and market cap over the past three weeks.
  • Other cryptocurrencies such as Tether and Binance Coin are very close to catching up with Cardano and possibly taking its place today.

Will Cardano Overtake Ethereum?

If you look at market cap and price, it is unlikely that ADA, according to the author of the forecast, will overtake and become the “killer” of ETH. The market cap difference between ETH and ADA is around $ 330 billion, which is a lot. Cardano’s market cap is closer to the 100th cryptocurrency than Ethereum. However, experts draw attention to the fact that forecasts in the field of cryptocurrencies are not always accurate, since this market is unpredictable. It is likely that Cardano will continue to do well in the long run.

Cardano (CRYPTO: ADA) is a cryptocurrency that gained momentum quickly after its launch on September 27, 2017. As a result, Cardano ranks among the 10 most valuable cryptocurrencies. The possibilities of investing in Cardano were previously assessed by an expert.