Investors surveyed are confident that Vitalik Buterin’s altcoin may show the greatest growth in quotes in the coming years

Over time, Ethereum will surpass Bitcoin, according to institutional and private investors who took part in a recent survey by CoinShares. 42% of respondents believe that altcoin has the best growth prospects. At the same time, 18% of survey participants believe in the future of bitcoin.

As of October 8, 9:40 Moscow time, Ethereum is trading at $ 3.57 thousand, altcoin capitalization is $ 421 billion. At the same time, the price of bitcoin is at $ 54.1 thousand, and its market value reaches $ 1 trillion.

In order for Ethereum to surpass Bitcoin in market capitalization, the altcoin needs to rise in price by another 138%. This means an increase in the price of altcoin to $ 8.5 thousand, with the price of the first cryptocurrency unchanged.

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