Ukrainian nuclear power plant will be used for bitcoin mining

In Ukraine, they gathered to mine cryptocurrency. The Observer informs about reaching a preliminary agreement on this matter between the leadership of the South-Ukrainian NPP and the Hotmain company.


The expected power output is 100 MW. It is planned to use surplus energy for crypt mining. To make this undertaking a reality, it will require building a digital power plant (CES) from sea containers with transformers inside, explained the founder of the Hotmain company Oleg Slobodyanyuk.

The technical justification of the project was presented to the experts on September 28, 2021. The hearings took place in Yuzhnoukrainsk. The experts were asked to estimate the layout of the CES at 0.5 kW (initial output power).

The demo version of the CES shows the process of transforming electricity into virtual assets. Experts, according to Slobodenyuk’s assurances, took the idea positively. A promising crypto station will be decentralized. Anyone can invest in crypto mining, as well as transfer their shares in the project. The approximate size of the entry fee is $ 800-1200 for a period of 3 years. The expected profitability of the enterprise is 20-30%, summed up Slobodenyuk.

Recall that earlier it became known about the mining of bitcoins in the United States on the equipment of the XIX century. You can find out the details of crypt mining at the ancient hydroelectric power station here.

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