Worldwide adoption of cryptocurrency grew by 880 per cent between June 2020 and July 2021. Today, the disruptions enabled by cryptocurrency and its facilitator blockchain technology are very evident and legislative bodies across the globe need to pay attention.

The number of Indians in the crypto trading space, second only after Vietnam, has helped the country decisively beat advanced economies such as China and the US. Countries like Ukraine, Cuba, Germany etc have also laid the foundation for an environment to legalise the use of cryptos while reimagining how useful it could be in eliminating financial management issues that arise from red tapism, corruption and centralisation.

Versatile Pairing Options
Amid this, CryptoBiz has emerged as a key player that allows decentralised apps to be developed and new tokens to be created. The platform allows you to get rid of intermediaries and allows new altcoins and tokens to be launched on its blockchain. Moreover, it provides the possibility of creating decentralised applications that traders can easily use for trading.

Listed among the top crypto trading platforms, CryptoBiz has introduced the most versatile cryptocurrency pairs to trade among users. These cryptocurrency pairs allow one to compare costs between different cryptocurrencies and help illustrate the relative worth of coins.

Exchanges usually offer several pairing options based on currencies you already possess. All crypto exchange platforms do not offer pairings for cryptocurrencies and fiat currencies but CryptoBiz enables traders to switch between different cryptocurrencies while trading to optimise and multiply their income.

What Fuelled This Change
Rising discourse by dominant names in the market has enabled the Indian government to mull over tabling the much-awaited cryptocurrency bill which would straightjacket the use of cryptos based on technology used. These highly-regarded signs from the government come amidst a steeply falling economy which called for something more robust and revenue-generating to help the economy recover after the Covid-19 pandemic.

Bringing the Revolution
CryptoBiz founder Rahul Rathod says, “We have evolved with our affordable and secure offerings and are at the forefront of providing such opportunities of minimum trade rates that enable each enthusiast to try their hand at effective profit-making, enabling us to have an audience of global scale.”

CryptoBiz eyes mass level penetration of this technology and has put in place mechanisms to ensure that these disruptions are seamlessly fitted and made available in the new ecosystem fuelled by Gen-Z.