The crypto craze: 4 cryptocurrency facts that’ll surprise you

Have you been hearing about ups and downs of Bitcoin, Ethereum etc. of late? And you probably haven’t missed the Dogecoin memes doing the rounds of social media either. News is abuzz of the cryptocurrencies. Superior returns, among other things, have been making headlines. The crypto space has grown massively in the last few years. There are almost 12-15 crypto exchanges functioning in India and estimates of the daily trading turnover range from Rs 500 crore to Rs 1,500 crore. Did you know that Bitcoin’s market cap (Rs 50,57,561 crore) is more than thrice that of India’s most valuable company Reliance Industries (market cap Rs 14,11,500 crore)? Here are some other facts you probably didn’t know.


01 Jul, 2021, 02.00 PM ISTSource