AMC Theatres now accepts Dogecoin using Bitpay. This is big news for the Doge community as this is yet another step towards the widescale adoption of the cryptocurrency. We had AMC accepting Bitcoin for quite a while but now Dogecoin is also added to the list. One can purchase digital gift cards amounting to a max of $200 per day using Dogecoin. This is a big deal as the gift cards can be used to pay in a lot of places which means this addition is opening Dogecoin to a lot of other stores as well.

What next?

People are already stoked about this new addition of Dogecoin as a payment option. The price of the cryptocurrency is already up 13% on 5th October and this news is expected to be a good thing for Dogecoin. The community is also very happy and have been showing their happiness on Twitter in the replies to this announcement. One of them even wants to wear Dogecoin t-shirts to local theatres to celebrate this new achievement for Dogecoin. We can soon expect other companies to start Dogecoin, too, just because of its popularity and the demand of the community. And if that happens, the price of Doge will surely see a good pump.

The partnership with Bitpay

AMC Theatres now accepts Dogecoin using BitPay

To make this possible AMC Theatres has partnered up with Bitpay. One can purchase these gift cards directly from them using Doge. For those who don’t know Bitpay was founded in 2011 and is one of the largest Bitcoin payment service providers. A lot of big companies have partnered up with them to accept crypto payments. Even the NBA team Dallas Mavericks has partnered up with Bitpay to accept Dogecoin for their tickets and online store.

Alongside Dogeocin this partnership has also allowed AMC Theatres to accept other cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, and Bitcoin Cash. So, we can clearly see they have moved the route of accepting crypto for payments and I don’t think there is any going back. With time we can only expect the support for more coins and tokens as demand and usage rise.

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