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Josh SilveiraJosh Silveira

Josh Silveira

Josh Silveira

Miami, U.S., Oct. 05, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — The world of MMA is no stranger to fast-rising phenoms. And Josh Silveira is certainly one of those. After notching his sixth consecutive win at LFA 115 over Tee Cummins to capture the Light-Heavyweight Championship, he remains undefeated and is on the fast track to stardom. But that’s not all. In the process, he also became the first LFA athlete to sport the Bitcoin logo during his most recent title bout.

It’s the result of a sponsorship – paid in cryptocurrencies – by leading crypto marketing and PR agency defiboost. The deal makes Silveira yet another trailblazer in a sport that’s constantly breaking new ground. And his stellar record and massive potential could mean that the MMA world is going to be seeing much more of him and his Bitcoin kit in the near future.

Silveira’s road to the Light-Heavyweight championship was somewhat unique, as well. Born and raised in South Florida, he’s the son of early MMA standout Conan Silveira. And his exposure to the sport at an early age through his father could have ended his career before it ever got started. In a recent interview with, he spoke openly about his hesitancy to join the MMA ranks.

“I always knew I wanted to be a fighter, but when I was younger, I would see how bad those guys were getting beat up,” said the younger Silveira of the experience. But it wasn’t long before he caught the eye of his high school wrestling coach – due in part to his use of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu moves he picked up from his father.

And from there, he’s been on a path to the MMA octagon that seems like it was preordained from the start. After beginning his training at the now-defunct Power MMA & Fitness in Arizona, he moved on to Arizona Combat Sports in search of better competition to prepare him for his professional debut at Titan FC 56. The match offered a glimpse of what was to come, ending in a victory by submission over Jashua Marsh.

That match kicked off his still undefeated career as well as his transition to Coconut Creek, Florida-based American Top Team training facility. It boasts a reputation as one of the best MMA training facilities in the country. And it has been recognized as the gym of the year from 2016 through 2020 by the World MMA Awards. The move came as a result of an agreement had with his father, who is the co-founder of ATT and serves as the head trainer at the facility. And so far it’s led to excellent results, as his record can attest.

But his path to the championship wasn’t without some bumps in the road. Silveira was initially scheduled to fight for the championship at LFA 110 against the highly touted Jesse Murray. But the fight was not to be. Murray ended up withdrawing due to an injury less than a week before the event was to take place, leading to an indefinite postponement of the championship match. For his part, Silveira was publicly understanding, claiming that “I wouldn’t want to fight me if I was injured either.”

The delay turned out to be significant, however, with Silveira having to wait almost seven months to find out who his new opponent would be. It wasn’t until halfway through August that LFA announced to Silveira and the world that he would have to contend with Tee Cummins for the Light-Heavyweight Championship at LFA 115. The announcement amounted to something of a competitive upgrade, as Cummins himself was also undefeated – at 4-0-0 – heading into the match.

That didn’t stop Silveira, though. He went on to capture the title at the September 24th event, capping off a stellar run that took him to the top of his weight class. And with the additional support of his father Conan Silveira, and crypto sponsor defiboost, the future looks bright. It’s put him in a position to focus on his training and continue to improve on his already impressive early career.

As for what comes next, Silveira doesn’t know, other than that he looks forward to the competition. And as he prepares for whatever challengers are to come, he does so with renewed confidence, having earned the LFA Light heavyweight strap, and a first-of-its-kind crypto sponsorship to back him up.

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