Blockchain-based startups Tokhit and Welthee announced their plans to make their official Middle East debut from the UAE.

Gamified social network Tokhit, which allows cost-effective and fast production of native NFTs, enables digital content creators to produce various streams of automated income with the use of NFT and blockchain technologies. The platform features five different monetization systems that help creators boost their content business with the help of NFTs.

Launched in Switzerland in 2020, Welthee is a zero-commission, variable-risk wealth creation platform, empowering users to have multiple streams of income in a smarter and safer way.

Andrei Ureche, Founder and CEO, said, “Dubai is a city of the future which is becoming a global hub for creativity and the blockchain Industry. Our solutions are aimed at creative, innovative, and digitally savvy audiences that we know are prominently present in the UAE. This country appreciates and supports safe innovation and we are looking forward to partnering with like-minded innovators who understand the market and can contribute to mutual growth, in the UAE and beyond.”

While the two platforms are available for UAE-based digital creators and blockchain enthusiasts, the official launch of Tokhit and Welthee will be announced in the first quarter of 2022 through a show on Burj Khalifa’s façade.