Is Kane the problem? Or is Levy failing at being ‘astute’?

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Is Kane the problem?
Afternoon all

Don’t know if anyone has pointed this out previously or not but…

Alex Ferguson – “…worse than my hip operation”

Lyon president – “I’ll never deal with him again” following the transfer of Hugo Loris

Darren Bent – Launched Twitter tirade.

Luke Modric – Went on strike.

Gareth Bale – Went on strike.

Danny Rose – Went on strike.

Harry Kane – ……..

Now, forgive me but isn’t there one constant in all this? It’s Levy, isn’t it? It’s always Levy. He might be as stubborn as hell but is that doing the right actual thing for his Club? He might be brilliant at being the anchor man on a tug of war team but he doesn’t strike me as being particularly….astute. If he were, surely he’d know when he’s winning and when he isn’t. Trying to get your own way all the time, Daniel, isn’t particularly….astute, is it?

Astute or even honourable, in fact, considering the conversations that you and Kane were having last summer.

Do the right thing, acknowledge that things have moved on and then proceed to squeeze City’s pips until you can hear the impending pop. Get the best price you can, Daniel, and wear your club blazer with pride.

Just trying to help
Levenshulme Blue, Manchester 19

Who made Kane?
Jay Z “I heard m********ers saying they made Hov, made Hov say, ‘Okay, so, make another Hov”

Spurs didn’t make Kane, they just gave him a platform. He had to work extremely hard to get where he is and stay there. If you can make a ‘Kane’ go and make another one.

I don’t buy it when people argue about honouring contracts, or he shouldn’t have signed it. If I’m Levy, I tell Harry to sign a big deal so there is sell on value to help his boyhood club. Make a gentleman’s agreement that if Spurs are still Spursy he can leave. Now it’s backfired on Levy because Spurs are now Spursy+. He is bricking it at also losing his best player, so he prices Kane out of the market. Kane unsurprisingly has had enough.

I don’t want the best striker going to the best team. But I also don’t see an issue with what Kane is doing.
Allen (Quotes rap lyrics now)

We need to talk about that office
What the actual f*** is Harry Kane’s brother’s deal?

And let’s talk about that ‘office’…

A motorbike, with fake tyre tracks and a family photo montage behind him of what seems to be his one and only client – honest question, what does he actually do every day? And is this his serious job? He looks really busy anyway.

If you have one ‘client’, why do you even need an office? Or a suit? (which by the way, looks like he’s just come straight from a wedding).

He’s probably the sort of guy that goes down the pub and revels in telling people his ‘occupation’, “… yeah mate, I’m Harry Kane’s agent”.  Sorry, but what a sad bloke. There is surely a sitcom here.


And again, what a sad bloke.
Pabs, still at home

What constitutes success for Leicester now?
I have to disagree with Will Ford’s article from yesterday stating now is the time for Leicester to start delivering. For one, I’d say Rodgers has already delivered; silverware and consecutive 5th place finishes is, even when accounting for the missed opportunities from both seasons, an excellent return. Secondly, I feel rather than excuses there many genuine reasons as to why Champions League qualification must be a hope rather than an expectation. Those reasons being Man City, Man Utd, Liverpool and Chelsea. Both Manchester clubs finished comfortably above the foxes last season and in the process of adding world class players to their already strong squads. Meanwhile Liverpool and Chelsea still finished above them despite seemingly “false” points tallies, the poor runs during the injury crisis and Lampard’s reign respectively given the illusion that Leicester are closer than they are. Without a collapse from one of these sides can anyone really see Leicester creeping into the Champions League spots?

In my opinion following solid, concrete progress in the past seasons as they first qualified for Europe and then claimed silverware this is exactly the season for incremental, intangible progress. I would consider a third straight season as “best of the rest” in 5th and some more deep cup runs (especially in the Europa) to be a successful season. 3 years straight in 5th might not sound like much to some but it’d be proof of Leicester’s standing as a European regular. It’d increase their standing from an international perspective at the expense of currently higher profile rivals such as Spurs and Arsenal (who are in dire risk of losing their “big six” tag and becoming “sleeping giants” like Villa and Everton) and remain an ttractive club for talented young players to join.

I’d be interested to hear the thoughts of any Leicester supporters on this, and conversely how the Super League clubs view the team that’s nipping at their heels.
Kevin, Nottingham

Jamie Vardy James Maddison Leicester City

Football economics
Very few ideas from US sports translate well to other sports.

I’d love to see a trade and rookie system like the US sports as it makes the game very competitive (see winners of NHL Stanley cup over last 25 years as proof). However I can’t see that ever happening.

An idea we can and should adapt however is a league wide team salary cap. All teams are given the exact same salary cap which they can spend on player salaries per season. Anyone thinking we cant should read the fair play rules because it’s sort of kind of already there but not really with the system of contract amortization.

This change would stop crazy salaries (mostly) as teams would rather have a full team of decent players than a three man team of Messi, neymar and mbappe. It would also make players consider their transfers more carefully as they’d stop putting finances as top of the list and start thinking about long term success instead.

The problem really stems from the fact that players know their shelf life is extremely limited in football. They’ve got 15 years tops and after that there’s no income. Sure the top 2-5% make enough to sustain themselves and will likely get pundit jobs after anyway but what about the other 95% of players? They didn’t earn crazy money, just good money. And while it’s still significant they can’t live off that money from the age of 37 until they die. Nobody is that good at budgeting. So players all angle for big contracts because that’s basically their retirement fund. Let’s also factor in any number of injuries might end their career early.

This is also echoed by everyone’s favourite super agent Mino raiola who once said in an interview that his job is to look after the long term finances of his client, sometimes thats in line with what the club wants sometimes it’s not but either his job is to set up that player beyond football.

Now….salary caps would mean that perhaps teams would be more willing to offer longer term contracts with better bonuses in order to entice players to their club.

As for player values – the value of any object property or contract is always whatever is agreed between the parties conducting the transaction. Value is subjective and fluid and is only ever fixed at the point of sale.

A note on prices…
Why do fans care?

Unless your a shareholder in the club price should be largely irrelevant to the fan discussion of football and it would probably be better served for all involved if all if transfer fees were desensationalized and hidden from the average fan who has no idea how club or player finance works.

The only real relevant conversation when it comes to transfers should be –
1. Do we need what this player brings?
2. Is this player an upgrade on what we have already?

Anything else doesn’t really matter to anyone who is only a spectator.

Yes yes I know someone will chime in and say “but but but Leeds…” Again that’s a problem for bean counters not fans. How does fans knowing about finances help any of the situations were clubs were in trouble? It didn’t.

Paying over the odds?
Curtis claims that the value of a player is whatever a club is willing to pay and any other discussion is nonsense. I disagree with Curtis mainly because Curtis is mixing value with price.

The price is a function of demand and supply but that is only true for commonly traded products like currencies, gold, stocks and even BitCoin whose prices change in real time based on the actual demand and supply.

There is on the other hand, only one Graelish, for instance, traded each summer window so his value is whatever the buying club perceives it to be. United for instance would be willing to buy Graelish only if he is available for 80 m GBP but City would be willing to offer 100 m GBP for it. Which means City values the player at 100 m while United at only 80 m. It’s possible that Villa would have valued the player at only 70 m but City, not knowing this, come to Villa with an offer of 100 m and they accept it. Would Graelish’s value be 70 m or 100m?

Now Graelish may go on to score 30 goals each season in which City would be delighted at getting a bargain or Graelish flops massively in which case, Villa would be the one said to have made the better deal.

So to sum it up, the value of any player is how each person perceives it to be, which is why there is so much debate on it each year. And hey, it helps fill in the boredom during transfer season.

Final comments
Ok I’ll respond. Firstly Andy MUFC you rightly talk about me going from accusations of a fake injury and changing my tone. I was questioning the injury was fake as you say, because something didn’t add up why he hadn’t had the surgery. When it was released that he was to have the surgery I responded by saying Rashford was a youngster who just wanted to play football and put the blame firmly on solksjaers shoulders for mishandling the situation . So I basically backed down on my day before criticism of Rashford. But I had clearly lit a match under a few people at this point, so here we are. Then you go on to talk about Rashfords stats last season and how they are comparable to mane as if that were some achievement. Mane has came out and apologised for having his worst season in a Liverpool shirt so if you want to compare Rashford to manes worst season do continue. It’s also easier for klopp to forgive a player a bad season when they won you everything that’s worth winning throughout the previous two seasons. If Rashford had a poor season having won what Mane has won in the manner that mane contributed, I wouldn’t open my mouth and give Rashford the respect he had earned. But I’m pretty sure mane is under no illusion if he has another bad season he’ll be replaced. Doesn’t mean as fans we don’t love mane but that’s elite football. If Liverpool were the sentimental type we would of resigned Gini. I thought your part on Rashford is shiqiri was genuinely amusing. So imagine you had to listen/read the amount of hype about shaqiri at the level of Rashford hype. You wouldn’t comment on it? You wouldn’t even know shaqiri was at Liverpool by the level he’s reported at. I’m taking nothing away from Rashfords off field commitments though, he should be commended for them. At utd football and non footballing profiles tend to overlap a lot more so forgive me if I was confused.

Paul McKevitt you are right forgive me for stating they were facts, I might of got carried away with boiling your piss. I do stand by that you have to be ruthless though and I agree Man Utd have started acting in that manner more recently. I’m not calling for Rashford to be sold or that he cannot put these things right. I was calling for the media to be honest with their evaluation of him in a footballing sense. I struggle to recall a single article that was directly questioning his form. Whereas you look at say Jack Grealish as it’s current (and because you get overly touchy when I mentioned Trent) There is articles already out there, is Jack Grealish good enough for city? Is Grealish worth 100m etc., and that’s one of the players of the season. I apologise if my words have struck a chord with you Paul but I do feel like ‘the lady doth protest too much’. I also want to apologise if I was coming across as a victim. I can assure you, that couldn’t be further from the truth. I’ll leave you with this just to boil that piss further.In the 5 years Rashford has played for utd, what parts of his game have improved from when he first came on the scene? Or does he look like the same player making the same mistakes? But anyway, this is uniteds year surely. The guts of half a billion on ole squad should have you winning the title no bother. No excuses wink wink.

A mentally struggling Man Utd fan…
Let start by saying I’m a long time reader but first time writer, I mistakenly stumble upon this site 7yrs ago and it has being a daily routine since then. Its fun and makes me happy…..especially the mailbox, hilarious comments and opinions. I have been battling depression and BPD since I was 21 and the worst part of it is that you can’t talk about it in public of with friends in this part of the world(Nigeria). Its uncommon or largely being ignored so over those years I have struggled alone with my thoughts and pains but little things as kept me going and stopped me from killing myself even if I’m constantly having the thoughts.

Firstly, my mum(I just don’t want to die before her as it would literally kill her too) and secondly football. I mean everything Manchester united, the excitement of the next game as kept me going in difficult and dark times. The transfers and the players and everything. I live and breath man united. But new season is something else, I haven’t gotten anxious and excited as this since the 2007/2008 season. I just can’t wait and I really hope it goes well and its fun because as much as I hate to admit this, my life depends on it.

I just hope this get posted as it will mean a lot to me
Adams(Abuja, Nigeria)


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