Interest-Accruing Cryptocurrency Apps

Cryptocurrency enthusiasts and investors in Australia can now make use of an innovative cryptocurrency app not merely to buy and sell cryptocurrency assets, but to accrue interest on their digital assets.

The ‘Zipmex’ cryptocurrency app essentially functions as your mobile portal into a highly safe and trusted cryptocurrency exchange that enables trading and earning of interest round the clock.

With less than 0.2 percent in transaction fees, both casual and serious cryptocurrency investors can ensure that they’re getting their money’s worth for their trading activities. As if that wasn’t incentive enough, users of the cryptocurrency app’s ‘ZipUp!’ interest-bearing account can see annual percentage yields of five percent for Bitcoin, 5.5 percent for Ethereum and 5.5% for Litecoin.

By offering secure trading, exchange facilities and interest-bearing accounts on an easy-to-use app interface, ‘Zipmex’ is well and truly establishing itself as the go-to cryptocurrency app in Australia.

Image Credit: Zipmex


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