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The insanity that is our current monetary system has forced me to pen something more public about what I believe the problem is and, more importantly, one solution.

A public room where we can chat candidly about The King: BTC

The result? A ton of questions from family, friends, and random internet strangers (which I love!). I realized this weekend that it would just be more effective to create a public room in YEN.CHAT where I can answer questions more directly and the answers could be saved for other folks so I don’t have to necessarily repeat myself.

This saves me a ton of time, of course, since my answers can have long-time utility for folks today and for folks in the future! I don’t plan on closing down this room until… well, the end of time I suppose.

The reason is because I have a very long time-horizon on my personal position on Bitcoin and I have already talked extensively with my three children and how it will play a part of their (financial) future. The gap is here, stay woke people.

I’ve been writing about bitcoin since I first heard of it and a few years in May of 2015 I started stacking satoshis at the whopping price of $240.04:

The price per coin was: $240.04

I then bought $1,000.00 worth — 4.1594BTC — and got the party started! On a personal side note, it was fun to revisit all of my historical transactions as it took me down “memory lane” and I had completely forgotten about my first real recorded transaction via via Coinbase (aff link). Good times!

Sadly, I sold quite a bit of that original buy just a few months later in October; I had “weak hands” when I first started and didn’t have the confidence nor understanding to weather a few, hard dips but I have since taken the time to educate myself, experiment with it in other projects, make more buys, and as my education accelerated I realized that I needed to help others learn about this game-changing / life-changing technology.

I was so utterly-convinced about bitcoin that I wrote a forever-free, 10-day email course to help others learn more about it. I then took an even larger step by launching / building a startup in decentralized finance (#defi) to take advantage of what I believed to be an unbelievable, once-in-a-lifetime opportunity in an (relatively unknown?!) industry that seemed to be not just ignored and overlooked but also vilified.

I had a lot less gray hair back then…

I love it when ignorant and lazy folks casually hate on cool shit; that’s kinda my fetish and there’s a real “irreverence” to bitcoiners that I particularly like (and love).

And truth be told… I honestly still feel this way! It’s as if I…

… and a handful of true believers… … … … are in on a “big secret” that is — unsurprisingly ironic — free and publicly available to everyone, everywhere!

Remember the “only” thing that truly matters? The question that is most important for every single person who encounters me and my belief in bitcoin is to ask this question: How has BTC changed your life, really?

In short, bitcoin has fundamentally transformed my entire life in verifiable (the blockchain!), net-positive ways. The more obvious ones are financial (and that’s what folks want to talk about the most, of course) but the more important ones are transcendental as it’s impacted not only the way I view (and use) my finances but how I operate my life and view the future.

I am more happy, healthy, and productive than I have ever been because my wife and best friend are doing things we did not believe we would be able to pull off this early in our married lives. It’s not that we weren’t happy without all of these things; it’s just that we had plans and goals — as all couples do — and we’ve been fortunate, blessed, and “wise as serpents” when it came to our financial planning.

And like you I was, at first, a healthy skeptic; this shit is hard to believe. But, thankfully, I did the work and my work was rewarded with life-changing knowledge, and an understanding and crazy-smart community that patiently answered all my n00bish questions! My curiosity was financially rewarded through the “unlock” that is community and I learned how to leverage the right data at the right time in order to convert (dirty) fiat monies into cryptocurrency and then back again.

I essentially (re)learned how to trade securities with a new type of asset class and the “proof” as they say is in the “pudding” as I am 100% debt free (again) and have more financial leverage today than I did without decentralized finance.

What’s even more cool is the fact that we could forensically-track, verify, and audit my entire bitcoin history on the public, open ledger if we wanted to, as proof!

It’s all right here

This technology still blows my mind! In any case, I need to help more folks get into this amazing technology; what I believe to be a big part of the future of finance. I want to help even more folks get into this game.

💰 — You see… we just need more winners, full-stop. We need more folks to experience the amazing benefits of being on the right-side of history.

That’s why I’m opening up a public Bitcoin Chat Room so that we can talk openly, honestly, and candidly about this innovation! Kind of like I’ve done before! I’d love for you to stop by and get any and all your questions answered!

I’m here to serve you, just like I do my own family, and you can take that promise to the digital, bitcoin-powered bank! Let’s go.


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