‘Biggest Crash in World History is Coming’, Warned Kiyosaki

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The rising popularity of bitcoin across the world is attracting a lot of investors towards the cryptocurrency. Despite its volatile nature, a lot of experts are advocating bitcoin investments and in fact, there is a long list of well-known billionaires supporting cryptocurrency investments on social media platforms like Twitter. Amid all the support and acceptance, A recent tweet by the author of the best-seller, “Rich Dad, Poor Dad”, Robert Kiyosaki gave a sudden jerk to the crypto industry.

In his tweet, Kiyosaki warned the crypto geeks to be prepared for a major market crash soon. He indicated that the next crypto market crash is going to be huge, so this is the right time to invest in Gold, Silver, and also bitcoins. “The best time to prepare for a crash is before the crash. The biggest crash in world history is coming. The good news is the best time to get rich is during a crash. The bad news is the next crash will be a long one. Get more gold, silver, and Bitcoin while you can. Take care,” Kiyosaki tweeted.

This warning of the best-selling author should be taken seriously as this is not the first time that Kiyosaki is giving a prediction about the market. In December 2020, Robert invested in bitcoins when the market price of BTC was $19,000, after this purchase, he announced that he is expecting the price to hit $50,000 soon, and with the wink of an eye, the bitcoin market has skyrocketed and touched the $64,000 mark just after 4 months.

Last week, Kiyosaki again reminded his followers that the bitcoin price is going to fall significantly, and hence compared the bitcoin to be the biggest bubble in the world history in his tweet. “Biggest bubble in world history getting bigger. The biggest crash in world history coming. Buying more gold and silver. Waiting for Bitcoin to drop to $24 k. Crashes best time to get rich. Take care,” the best-selling author tweeted.

Despite the volatile nature and the market crash that bitcoin is facing at the time, Kiyosaki is recommending crypto investors to buy more and more bitcoins, gold, and silver, as he suggests, a market crash is the best time to get rich. In fact, Kiyosaki also predicted that the bitcoin market is going to fall up to $24,000. Now, crypto investors are keen to watch whether the prediction will prove accurate this time or not.




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