As Bitcoin is dominating the cryptocurrency world and there is no sign that this will ever stop, investors from all around the world are looking for other investment options. We are looking at a clear surge in the industry and new investors are going to appear as they are drawn in from traditional investment options.
Bitcoin is right now the obvious choice but there are also others that you have to take a closer look at. Check out the top cryptocurrencies to buy below, as curated by:
When looking at the market cap, Ethereum stands out as number two, with only Bitcoin being higher. Due to upcoming blockchain upgrades and NFTs (non-fungible tokens), parabolic Ethereum moves appeared. Also, we see a surge because of the platform’s use in DeFI (decentralized finance) applications.
New applications are added to the Ethereum blockchain every day. This means Ethereum will most likely remain the main platform used.
Cardano performs really well now. The success of the cryptocurrency is associated with the way in which its platform is being used with the purpose of accommodating use in retail, healthcare, finance, and education. All of these industries rely on operating efficiently. As a result, centralization is high.
As an example, the blockchain technology of Cardon will be utilized in Ethiopia with the purpose of revamping its education system.
DOGE surged an impressive 12,000%. Holders can now use their coins to buy services and goods, or for trading purposes. DOGE is also very popular for tipping internet-goers that share or create really good content.
Several celebrities supported DOGE in the past months, including Elon Musk, Tesla CEO. As a result, it should be no surprise that live TV mentions are becoming more common. And as this happens, its value is growing.
Binance Coin
Out of the cryptocurrencies mentioned on this list, Binance Coin is the youngest as it was actually launched in the year 2017, with a connection to the largest cryptocurrency exchange in the world, Binance. Its purpose was to pay the transaction fees for Binance trades.
While BNB is obviously useful for value storage, it also has another purpose that is interesting. We now see BNB involved in the market in which only Ethereum was big, the NFT craze.
According to Binance, its very own marketplace will be launched. This will allow users to sell, buy and create NFTs. The trading platform will operate 2 markets. The first one is a premium venue that is meant to help with exhibitions and top auctions. The second one is a trading market that can be utilized by people to mint some new tokens.
Binance makes money through the auctions because it takes a percentage from the sales. Also, there is an added processing feed that appears with trading activities. If the crypto exchange is going to execute this NFT plan very well, we can expect to see a brand new huge revenue stream being developed. This can translate into huge profits for those that invest in Binance Coin.

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