WallStreetBets is dying, long live the WallStreetBets movement


The mothership message board is less popular than ever among die-hard retail investors, and that could be great news for the future of retail investing. See full story.

Mortgage rates jump above 3% for the first time since April — economists warn they’re likely to rise higher

Homeowners who have yet to refinance may miss out on the opportunity to save if they don’t act soon. See full story.

Crypto analyst warns of weekend tumble, as bitcoin bull points to ‘daisy chain of borrowers and lenders’

Fundstrat Global Advisors has issued a word of caution to its bitcoin and crypto investing clients, advising them to take some risk off the table, or hedge their bets, over the weekend, due to brewing concerns about mounting leverage in the nascent market. See full story.

These 30 stocks are the best dividend income growers among the S&P 500

Stocks that have at least doubled in five years and increased dividend payouts by a lot include Home Depot, Best Buy, Morgan Stanley, BlackRock and Union Pacific. See full story.

How Peter Thiel turned $2,000 in a Roth IRA into $5,000,000,000

Roth individual retirement accounts were created to help middle class earners set aside money for retirement that they wouldn’t have to pay taxes on at withdrawal. But PayPal co-founder Peter Thiel has used his Roth IRA to amass a $5 billion nest egg. See full story.


How to take the best of what a professional planner can offer. See full story.


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