San Francisco: A Tesla Supercharger station is now getting direct service from a nearby McDonald’s that offers direct delivery to Tesla owners charging their electric vehicles in the US. When charging station operators open new stations, they try to build them near amenities for drivers to use when their vehicles are charging. Also Read – ‘Tesla Not Just a Car Maker….’ What Elon Musk Wants People to Think in The Long Term

The report is mainly talking about restrooms, coffee shops and restaurants, Electrek reported. Also Read – Tesla Logs $10.4 Billion In Sales In Q1 2021, Makes $101 Million In Bitcoin

On some popular routes with several charging stations, some EV owners have their preferred stations based on the amenities around them. Also Read – Tesla Car Crash Kills 2 in US, Police Say ‘No One Was Driving’

For example, Tesla has about 6 Supercharger stations within a one charge distance on highway 5 between Los Angeles and the Bay Area.

If they have enough charge, Tesla drivers have some options on where to stop.

One of those stations is a relatively new Supercharger in Firebaugh and one of the biggest in the world with 56 stalls.

There are a few options to eat around the charging station, including a Little Caesars, a Subway, and McDonald’s:

Some shop and restaurant operators near new Supercharger stations have been smartly taking advantage of the captive audience that they have for a short period.

Some Tesla owners are reporting that McDonald’s is offering Tesla drivers to get orders delivered directly to their vehicle while they are charging.

According to the report, the fast-food restaurant put a sign up that reads: “Recharge with McDonald’s while you recharge your Tesla. Food delivered directly to your charge bay.”