Elon Musk’s jibe at ‘Bitcoin Maxis’ elicits strong responses from crypto lovers…see here

New Delhi: Billionaire Elon Musk lately is winning friends in meme coin circles but he is stirring things up among Bitcoin investors.

The Tesla CEO took to Twitter and poked fun at Bitcoin cryptocurrency and its supporters. From himself being a proponent to its critic, Musk’s tweets on Bitcoin has led to wide swings in cryptomarket recently.

Musk decided to have a go on the Bitcoin “maxis” or maximalists this Friday, who support the crypto above all other digital currencies, like Dogecoin.

Elon Musk --Elon Musk --

Musk’s swipe at Bitcoin

“How many Bitcoin maxis does it take to screw in a lightbulb?” Mr Musk asked. And shortly later, he himself came up with a reply, “That’s not funny! – Bitcoin maxis.”

While some joined Musk in his joke, his tweet elicited strong response from Bitcoin supporters.

Musk ‘booed’ by Bitcoin supporters

The “Bitcoin maxis” tweet drew the attention of MicroStrategy CEO Michael Saylor, one of the most vocal Bitcoin proponents.

Michael Saylor, who cleverly replied, “If you give us 10 minutes, maybe we can hash out the answer.”

The 10-minute nod was in reference to the time it takes for a block to be verified on the Bitcoin blockchain and for miners to be rewarded.

Peter McCormack, the host of one of the most famous cryptocurrency podcasts globally, also responded to Mr Musk

How netizens reacted


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