Cryptocurrencies to watch out for in 2021

Thanks a lot to mainstream awareness and popularity, cryptocurrencies have become significant talks of the year on the internet. A significant part of the increased popularity is the skyrocketing values of many cryptocurrencies, with bitcoin hitting $60,000. Other cryptocurrencies such as ethereum and even dogecoin have followed suit in driving increased investment in the industry.

Despite many governments trying to outlaw the use of bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies in their countries, there is no doubt that cryptocurrency is the world’s future currency.

Cryptos to watch out for in 2021

The massive increase in crypto prices has got many investors wondering about the next crypto to explode this year. Will prices continue to skyrocket to even higher levels than seen at the end of last year? Many analysts believe that this can happen.

Cryptocurrency is more than just Bitcoin. There are many other top cryptos in the market, with more coming out each year. So focusing on only Bitcoin may make you miss out on another rising crypto you can take advantage of. It time you look beyond Bitcoin and see the next big thing in the world of crypto.

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The question now is what is the next crypto to watch out for among the new ones? Below are some of the best new crypto to watch out for in 2021.

Internet Computer (ICP)

This is a new token that was launched in May 2021. Since its launch, it has seen rapid success, reaching a market value of $35 billion within three days of its lunch. The coin’s market cap is currently at $8.7 billion and is now trading at approximately $70.55. This new crypto eliminates the limitations of the internet and substitutes it with a more modern one. You can buy ICP on Binance.

Enjin (ENJ)

Enjin is another new crypto launched based on the already popular Ethereum. Enjin was launched to offer to back to non-fungible tokens. One primary use for this crypto is so that developers can deal with in-game buys with the help of blockchain technology. The market cap of the coin is at $1 billion and trades at approximately $1.37. Enjin is available for purchase at either market like and Binance.Us.


SafeMoon is a community-driven, fair-launched Defi crypto launched in March 2021. The coin already has 2 million holders, despite being only a few months ago. The market of the coin is at $2.2 billion and currently trades at $0.000003715. A unique and unusual feature of the coin is that users who sell their tokens are penalized. Sellers are charged a 10% fee, half of which is distributed to other token holders. SafeMoon is available in nine different markets.


This is a new token based on blockchain technology with its characteristic decentralized nature. It is in support of total decentralization and peer-to-peer operation supporting low latency and millions of nodes. The market cap of NKN is at $212 million and is trading at $0.2933. It is available for purchase at Binance.


Even though Facebook’s Diem is yet not on sale, it is one crypto that many investors are looking forward to this year. It was previously called Libra, and it works on a decentralized principle. It is an excellent choice of cryptocurrency for individuals looking for a less volatile coin. A significant reason for its stability is because it has reserves in other assets and cryptocurrencies.


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