• TSLA stock exploded through the key $635 resistance level.
  • The electric vehicle sector leader boosted by risk on post the Fed.
  • Tesla stock on course to test $715 big resistance level.

Tesla staged an explosive move on Wednesday powering through the key $635 resistance level we had been repeatedly identifying here at FXStreet so hopefully, some of you caught the ride. Just to recap our piece from before the open yesterday when Tesla was trading in the $620’s we said ” The volume profile to the right of the chart shows how volume drops off above $635 and does not kick in until $660, so a break should accelerate. Take a bow that analyst! Seriously though it does show the power of volume or in this case lack of it. We are in general herd traders, we do not like to stand out away from the crowd, so volume attracts volume and a lack of volume usually sees an acceleration to a high volume, equilibrium area.

Tesla key statistics

Market Cap $632 billion
Price/Earnings 624
Price/Sales 21
Price/Book 26
Enterprise Value $753 billion
Gross Margin 21%
Net Margin


Average Wall Street Rating and Price Target Hold, $652

Tesla stock forecast

Now the tricky part where to from here? From the chart below the move to the top of the trend line is progressing nicely after Wednesday’s powerful move. That is the first target, resistance at $678, $673 is the long-term downward sloping trendline from the January record highs. So a big resistance zone. Breaking that should see a test of the next resistance at $715. But it should be pointed out that the move through this $673-678 area will be a lot harder than the break of $635. The volume profile on the right shows a lot of volume in this zone so any price appreciation will be tough. Once through and a break of $715 could again see an acceleration as volume really drops off a cliff above this level. Key support is at $635.40. Some consolidation or inside candles are likely after Wednesday’s powerful move but so long as $635.40 is held the risk-reward remains skewed to further gains.

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