By Tyler Gallagher, CEO and Founder of Regal Assets, an international alternative assets firm with offices in Beverly Hills, Toronto, London and Dubai.

In the cryptocurrency space, our field of work is highly technical, dense with jargon and often inaccessible to the layperson. This isn’t ideal for those of us who want to make B2C sales. Customers convert when they trust a product, believe in the message and understand its value. That’s why I’m constantly having to find ways to simplify my content. 

As the owner of a crypto and alternative investing company, I often ask myself how I can make my message resonate with non-experts. As much as I’d like to say it’s an easy process, it isn’t. Finding simple ways to convey complex ideas is difficult but necessary.

However, over the years, I’ve found a way to build simpler, more accessible content that has helped boost my conversion rates. Below, I’ve outlined the main pillars of my strategy so you too can simplify your content and, with a little luck, take your sales to new heights.

1. Use Clean, Basic Infographics

My first recommendation is to never underestimate the appeal of visual information. Infographics are the best way to present dense statistical information in a way that’s easily digestible for the masses without making them feel overwhelmed. 


If you’re like me and design skills aren’t your forte, don’t worry. You can use Canva’s pre-set infographics to whip up perfectly suitable infographics for your blog posts or social content. Here are some quick tips for putting together highly effective infographics:

• Include lots of white space

• Use statistical data (i.e., 3-6 numerical data points)

• Make it follow a logical pathway from start to finish

• Only use relevant visuals that tie in with the theme

• Include data source citation at the bottom

For example, the entire market cap of the crypto industry eclipsed $2.27 trillion this spring across 9,485 actively traded blockchains. For the average person, this means nothing. To provide context, an infographic can offer visualization using a bar graph or pie chart, the size of the crypto market cap versus precious metals, equities and other sectors. 

2. Avoid Jargon And Technical Language

I make it a point to never use a big word when a smaller one will get the job done. Not only is this a good general rule for writing B2C copy (or doing B2C business in general), but it’s especially important for technical industries such as mine. 

For example, it’s unnecessarily confusing for me to talk about “application-specific integrated circuits” when I can just say “crypto miner” instead. Rather than “hash rate,” I can say “computing power.” Get the picture? The simpler the language, the more likely I am to connect authentically with my audience. 

3. Use Fewer Words When Explaining Concepts

There’s no need to write War and Peace when a simple metaphor or paragraph will do. These days, fewer and fewer readers have the patience (myself included) to sit through large walls of text that elaborate on heady concepts. 

That’s why I recommend keeping it short. Every paragraph in your content should serve a dedicated purpose and generally shouldn’t exceed four or five lines. If you find you’re running longer than that, simply split the paragraphs up and consider cutting out the fat. The fewer words you use to explain a concept, the better. 

4. Use Metaphors To Bring Together Ideas

“Bitcoin is digital gold.” This is a clear, simple metaphor that we use almost every day in our field when we’re explaining Bitcoin to newcomers. You could also say that Bitcoin is an insurance policy for your portfolio because it’s non-correlated to the stock market. When the stock market tanks, your Bitcoin can “insure” your wealth as a secondary store of value.

Metaphors give content creators a chance to get creative with their work. Instead of writing a full white paper explaining tokenomics in full, sometimes a simple metaphor comparing Bitcoin to gold is enough. 

5. Don’t Be Afraid To Crack A Joke

A boy asks his dad, “Hey Dad, can I borrow $10 in Bitcoin?” The dad then says, “$12? What do you need $7 in Bitcoin for?”

It’s a simple joke and one that’s a little beaten to death in the crypto industry, but I think it perfectly illustrates the volatility of the crypto market. It’s no secret that the price of Bitcoin can vary widely within the span of a day or even an hour, and this joke pokes fun at that in a way that everyone can easily understand. 

Following The KISS Principle For Entrepreneurial Success

As they say in the Navy, “Keep it simple, stupid” (KISS). I think this is an excellent mantra for entrepreneurship as well. In a market filled with snake oil salesmen and smooth-tongued marketers, it’s important to keep it real and not try to baffle anyone with B.S. 

In an industry as complicated and misunderstood as cryptocurrency, being straightforward and following the KISS principle can help set you apart from the charlatans. This isn’t limited to my industry, either. 

Remember: when in doubt, dumb it down. When you confuse people, you lose people. By following the steps I’ve outlined above, you can simplify your message and, with a little luck, generate more leads and customer relationships as a result.