Zilliqa Explained: All You Need To Know About This Ethereum Competitor

Arguably, one of the things holding back the adoption of cryptocurrencies is its scaling problem.

Legacy cryptocurrency networks like Ethereum only can only handle about 15 transactions per second (TPS) while the Bitcoin network can only handle about 3 -5. 

In comparison, traditional payment methods like Visa and Mastercard can handle thousands of TPS.

Enter Zilliqa: a blockchain platform capable of processing thousands of transactions per second (TPS) and crucially, Zilliqa’s transaction throughput increases (roughly) linearly with its network size which bodes well for scalability.

Source: Zilliqa

The platform also functions as a transparent and open public blockchain network that allows the running of smart contracts and decentralised apps (Dapps) and can be considered a direct competitor to Ethereum.

Here’s all you need to know about Zilliqa!

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