How blockchain applications can reshape digital business models

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As Google faces an ever-increasing need for bandwidth and its highly sophisticated, world-connecting fiber optics shows its limits, it seems that a paradigm is coming to an end. Unlimited access to a centralized resource in cloud server bases requires an increasingly high marginal cost to upgrade. Against this, the blockchain infrastructure, which mobilizes the parallel resources of computers around the world, promises almost inexhaustible work energy at a lower cost.

This promise is the basis for smart applications on Ethereum, like Golem or OTOY. Golem allows its users to rent and pay for unused computational resources from other users, pulling them into a huge virtual computing machine. Developers can simulate and test their applications, all without risk with a firewall protected experimentation. Resource renters earn exactly what they produce thanks to the registration of all transactions in the blockchain. In a way, anyone has access to absolutely enormous computing power.

The same principle is applied to the difficult and energy-consuming task of rendering and modeling video. Image synthesis is a fast-growing market, essential for post-production of animated films, accurate planning of architects and advanced medicine. However, it is a job that requires extremely powerful graphics processors, accessible only to well-stocked studios.

OTOY is a service that like Golem effortlessly rents and sells computational resources for video rendering. With a system that allocates and rewards resources based on the blockchain registrations of thousands of computers at the same time, users can create and stream complex 3D objects without the need for a CPU. Creators can exploit the latest modeling technologies (holography, virtual reality and high-resolution simulation) with very little hardware and at low cost.

This infrastructure democratizes video editing and visualization, as the Internet has done for text and images.


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