Adventech is Excited to Announce New Patent Allowance

Adventech again delivers efficiency solutions: a new patent allowance for regenerative reactive energy at the source.

FLORENCE, Ala., June 2, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Enhanced network power factor corrective designs are presented that can use corrective devices that achieve long­ term, operationally stable mechanical work. Embodiments can utilize reverse-winding induction motor designs with engineerable parameters and configurations for the reverse winding in systems and through methods where an inductive motor can present a current that leads voltage and a leading power factor to correct other existing induction motors in an initial network or be optimized for a particular application. Designs also present a power factor correction that can present a variable correction without altering the character or physical capacitive value of an electrical correction component. Individual induction motors that have leading current and a leading power factor can be provided to improve reverse winding induction motors. Progressive start controls can also be used in a manner that limits inrush current to operational levels with passive current establishment control where reverse winding effects can be used and perhaps even delayed to passively limit and even effect a current decrease while rotational acceleration continues after initial start transition.


Again: Adventech delivers technology that breaks the barriers to induction drive motor efficiency solutions.

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