Securitize launches crypto investment managing platform

US-based Securitize has announced the launch of Securitize Capital, a wholly owned subsidiary that will serve as an alternative investment manager working with digital asset securities.

Securitize Capital will provide vehicles for institutional and accredited investors to access that exposure. The firm’s two flagship funds will launch in early June 2021. They will provide investors direct exposure to Bitcoin (BTC) or USD Coin (USDC).

Securitize Capital has engaged Anchorage Lending, an affiliate of Anchorage Digital Bank, a digital asset bank, and Genesis, a prime broker, for sourcing lending opportunities. The funds will be administered by MG Stover & Co and audited by Spicer Jeffries.

When the funds will be open for participation in early June, they will initially be available only to accredited and institutional investors. To participate, investors will first need to create a Securitize ID account, after which they will gain access to the Bitcoin and USDC yield funds, as well as a digital asset marketplace containing a range of investment options including private equity, debt, commodities, funds, and other alternative assets.

Shares in the fund will be issued as digital asset securities recorded on the Algorand blockchain, with Securitize as the transfer agent.


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